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How should I loose weight quickly without diet pills?

I want to loose weight quickly and efficiently. I am a total health freak, so I don’t want any pills in my system, or anything funnky like that. If I can loose five pounds in a five day period, I’ll be satisfied. I am currently twelve years old, 5’2″, and 108 pounds. I have a big performance coming up, so I just want to loose a few pounds so I can look nice on stage. :]

Thank You in advanced.

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3 Responses to “How should I loose weight quickly without diet pills?”

  1. Vanessa P said :

    5 pounds in 5 days just isn’t realistic if you want to take the healthy route.

  2. Eqoz I said :

    I dont believe on this type of phenomena that you will be able to reduce 5 pounds in 5 days that seems to be impossible and for me, nothing have worked except Proactol which you can get from So if you are really interested to reduce or lose weight then try out this product.

  3. Linda Marcus said :

    You’re still young and have a long way to go. Dramatically losing a pound in a day is quite high-risk to your own health. By taking into consideration your age i think losing 2 pounds in five days should be fine. The safest way to lose weight is using your own body metabolism to do the trick for you. i’m using the trick from the source below and managed to reduce and maintain my ideal weight without any diet pills or supplement.


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