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what are some good home excercises i can do to lose weight?

i am 5’4 and weigh 165 which i dont look overweight but i really am. i want to lose like 25 to 30 lbs this summer what are some good excercises i can do at home to help me lose some weight? anything besdies push ups cuz i cant do them right and dont make fun of me lol
yes i know eating junk is bad even if you excercise i havent been eating junk food. lol i been trying to eat right

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One Response to “what are some good home excercises i can do to lose weight?”

  1. Never said:

    Jogging is the best for losing weight. Anything that makes you out of breath. Running up and down stairs is great. Bicycling too. Do whatever you do every other day and don’t think that just because you are exercising you can get away with eating junk. Caffeine may help you lose weight though. Have goals for yourself that are related to what you physically do, not the weight itself.


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