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What are some good foods to help me lose weight fast?

What would be the best food to eat to lose weight fast

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6 Responses to “What are some good foods to help me lose weight fast?”

  1. ChildOfBo(re)dom said :

    Now, you MUST eat properly while attempting to lose weight. If you eat properly, the weight will stay off. A few things, some are still new research, are:
    -eating soups. The water combines with the food within your stomach and this takes longer to digest, keeping you fuller for longer and preventing unwanted snacking. Drinking water with your meal will not result in the same outcome.
    – low fat calcium sources of food are excellent. the calcium binds with the fat molecules and to be quite blunt, you shit them right out. Stick to low fat dairy though or theres not real point to this
    – eat foods with fibre as they keep you fuller for longer
    – if you feel like eating something sugary and know youll regret it, try eating some sweet potato. it stops the cravings
    – small meals often keeps your body burning food as you eat it. starving yourself only causes your body to store any food you give it and itll be muscle and liver tissue wasting away, not fat.
    – celery is one of the few foods that requires energy to eat. its called a “zero calorie” food as you use energy to process it. cabbage does the same thing kinda
    I cant think of much more but I hope it helps. Dont forget to exercise too. Thats very important

  2. Tony said :

    Well eating the right food alone isn’t going to help you lose weight…especially fast.

    The only ways to lose weight fast are very unheatlhy but as long as your….eating at least 5-6 smaller, regular meals a day, each containing protein, carbs and some ‘good’ fats, this should help.

    For example, BREAKFAST– 2 eggs, whole grain toast with low fat peanut butter.

    MID MORNING SNACK- Piece of fruit, low fat cottage cheese

    LUNCH- chicken breast with vegetables

    MID AFTERNOON SNACK- Protein shake with flaxseed oil and piece of fruit.

    DINNER- Lean beef/turkey/chicken or fish, with a baked potato

    AFTER DINNER SNACK- protein shake with flaxseed oil and small piece of fruit.

    As long as you are exercising regularly (3-4 times a week CARDIO and WEIGHT training) and your Calorie consumption is adequate for your weight, you should do fine.

    For more Info, email me at [email protected]

  3. catsy j said :

    umm well im trying to lose wight 2 and i eat pineapples cuz its first realy tasty and realy good for diets now i dont know if its fast but if u eat other stuff that are healthy and low fat and do a little exersize then hopefully u will lose weight fast , hope this helps

  4. Sgfhd said :

    If you want to increase your time of exercise or your work out routine, do it gradually and not in sudden steps. Well easier said than done. Most of us have such hectic schedules that it is quite impossible to fit in tie for exercise right’ Wrong. I want to say it once and for all, your body, or anybody’s body for that matter needs proper exercise. If you make up your mind to do it, you just can.

  5. The Wild Man said :

    do the lil Jack workout if you need to lose weight

  6. Lucia K said :

    Exercise is the most important and a healthy diet is a real must


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