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What are some workouts that can help me lose weight fast?

How can I lose weight? Don’t say any pills, because I’m not buying pills, so don’t even say it. Don’t say anything that costs money.

I have a treadmill. What are some workouts I can do to tone up in ALL areas (arms, butt, thighs, stomach)?

Or websites (not crappy ones) that you can, like, build a workout plan on or something (haven’t found one of those yet).

Thanks guys 😉

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7 Responses to “What are some workouts that can help me lose weight fast?”

  1. Jonathan C said :

    ok plzzz do what i say it Works so much first go diet meaning diet soda and try not eating so much fast food also go swimming about 5 or 6 laps should work on you…also make shure to run when ever you get tie-rd during both this practices take a brake and continue on…i promise as long as you follow these things you will lose Weight and its quit fast…

  2. colorofmylife81 said :

    Experts recommend that you accumulate one hour of physical activity every day to stay healthy or improve our health. Obviously this is also good if you are trying to lose weight and keeping it off.

    The rule is the more intensive the activity is, the shorter the duration of exercise. As you progress into activity with moderate intensity, you can cut down to 30 minutes a day for four days per week.

    There are 3 types of exercise that your body needs to keep healthy – cardiovascular, flexibility and strength. Cardiovascular activities are those ranging from moderate to vigorous exercises.

    Here are some of the light, moderate and vigorous activities:

  3. valtorin said :

    To tone just do cardiovascular exercise on your treadmill 4-5 times a week for around 30-45 minutes. Or you can try High Intensity Interval Training. Or HIIT. To tone, do either bodyweight execises like pushups, pullups, chinups, bodyweight squats, etc or lift light weights for more repetitions.

    Good luck!

  4. Weight Loss Expert said :

    Follow this and see results.

    1. Get your attitude in check. A positive outlook is a great start to shedding the amount of weight you want to lose. Keep this in mind throughout the process.

    2. Look into gyms in the area if you haven’t already and select one that looks like a place you’d like to work out. Most gyms offer a free trial membership so you can see if that gym is the place for you.

    3. Begin a regiment of intense cardie at least twice a week for at least 45 minutes as well as a weight training program three times a week. This is a very important step as exercise is the key to weight loss.

    4. Research different diet options. There are a variety of options online as well as in magazines and commercials. The Special K Challenge is a popular diet option, as well as the Atkins program.

    5. Select a diet based on your needs and specifications. It’s important to pick a diet you are sure you can live with, because if you hate the diet it will be all to easy to quit. Programs like Jenny Craig are relatively stringent in their requirements. Some programs are also expensive and require you to buy specialized foods. The South Beach diet program is a relatively inexpensive program that is very popular.

    6. Stick with your diet and workout regiment. It takes time for weight loss to become visible and apparent.

    7. Or visit diet review site and find the right diet plan that really give you the power to decide for yourself, what you need to eat and how much, what you need to do and how. Such as

    Good luck!

  5. Daylyn said :

    i would suggest that u should go outside and run fifteen mile it works do it everyday in the morning. it is way different then a tredmill it is scientifically proven

  6. bowtrol said :

    Try doing some running. As a track/cross country runner, I know that running really tones you, because it is great at burning fat. With all the fat gone, it leaves just muscle, and since running is a low impact activity that specifically targets your thighs and rear, it tones you very well there. Also the arm action you get when running tones your arms too. If you aren’t used to running, try doing 1-2 miles a day, 5 days a week to start. After you get used to it, do 2-4 miles a day. Hope this helps, good luck!
    thank you

  7. Imaka said :

    Weight loss is an overall process and there are no magic answers. Pay no attention to weight loss supplements and pills and all the latest fads. You need to think about many factors but most of them are related to issues we’ve known about for a very long time. There are many sensible things you can do that will make a tremendous difference over the long term if you need to lose weight. It can be done in a healthy way. This is what has worked for me.

    Keeping a food journal really does help. It will give you a much better sense of how much you are eating, and when, and why.

    Make a few additional small changes – walk everywhere, always use stairs instead of elevators, walk on escalators, get up and move around at least once an hour if your work or your life in general is sedentary, walk every day, use a pedometer. Walking 10,000 steps a day is a really good idea. Build up to a long brisk walk everyday, or most days. Be more active and watch less TV and spend less time on the computer. Buy one piece of exercise equipment to have at home and be strict with yourself about using it. Sometimes you can find mini-steppers or exercise bikes at second hand stores and thrift stores for just a few dollars.

    Start a weight lifting routine. Join a gym. Possibly you can find one that has someone who specializes in weight lifting programs for beginners. Weight lifting will increase your metabolism as well as improve posture and appearance overall. Even if you can’t get to the gym you can work out at home using things around the house. Invest in a good weight training book. The Dummies series actually has a good one.

    In terms of diet, cut out or reduce things like junk food, pop, fat, fast food. Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meat, fish. Particularly if you choose a vegetarian lifestyle include natural peanut butter, hummus, dried fruit and nuts. Pay close attention to getting the nutrients your body needs to be healthy.

    Make your portion sizes smaller. Use a smaller plate – in our society we have become accustomed to thinking that we need a large plate of food at every meal, and we don’t. About quarter of your plate of food should be protein and at least half of it should be veggies.

    Learn to count calories. At your current weight and activity level, you may possibly need about 2000 calories or more to maintain your current weight. So you will lose weight at a reasonable and healthy rate if you cut back to about 1600 or 1700 calories a day.

    Eat small amounts frequently, rather than three large meals. Never skip breakfast. Include some protein in your breakfast. It will help get you through the day.

    Drink plenty of water, at least 8 big glasses of water a day, and more if it is very hot, if you sweat a lot, or if you are exercising intensely, and eliminate fruit juices. Fruit juices have too many calories, so get your vitamins from fresh fruit, not the juice. You will begin to see changes in your body.

    Vary your routines. Don’t eat the same number of calories every day (vary your calories from 1400 a day to 1900 or 2000 some days), eat a variety of foods, and do different kinds and amounts of exercise. You will lose weight much more efficiently if you mix things up from time to time so that your body doesn’t adjust to any one routine.

    An area that many people overlook is getting enough sleep. You are much more likely to overeat or to binge eat if you are tired and not well rested, so get enough sleep.

    Check out websites about nutrition, exercise, weight training, etc.


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