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Help!!!!! What are some fast ways to lose weight?!?

I’m going to Florida June 30 and I want to lose some weight before I go. The thing is, I’m not a very athletic person. I started my new diet today and exercise regime of half an hour of cardio and then sit-ups/other exercises for muscle building. Are there any tips/tricks I should know to help shed the weight faster?
oh, and no pills are allowed

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4 Responses to “Help!!!!! What are some fast ways to lose weight?!?”

  1. Becca said :

    drink a lot if water 10 glasses a day= burning off 300 calories

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  2. ebos19 said :

    remember you can exercise as much as you want but what really counts is what you eat if you go running for half an hour then eat a burger your really doing nothing at all best thing you can do is eat small meals through out the day and calorie count do a simple 2000 calorie diet, and lots of cardio exercises try jump roping it’ll knock ya out fast lol

  3. El Rey de Las Fresas =D said :

    Do what you are doing now but make sure you dont stop doing it. Your exercise plan sounds fine. Just make sure you stick to it and dont pig out. One day of pigging out can add weeks of cutting weight right back on. It will be hard so just stay focused. Good luck!

  4. Barrie said :

    People can go on starvation diets and lose weight really fast, but they put it all back on again as soon as they stop.

    There is no quick way. But the quickest way is to watch a few things. Avoid fatty foods, such as salami and bacon. Cut the fat off a piece of steak. Vegetables are all fine. Biscuits are out. Use much less salt and don’t have salty chips and crisps. I have no relish for salads these days, but salads are fine if you do like them.

    The biggest thing is to get a mindset to do this. Soft drinks are loaded with sugar. Sugar is another thing that should be dropped, and the foods that contain it. You can replace it with Splenda, which I find is just like sugar in taste.

    Your body will soon start to give you the desired reaction, but I wouldn’t hold my hopes up too high before you get to Florida.

    Have a lovely time when you get there, though.


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