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What are some extreme workouts I can do to lose weight fast?

i really want to get into shape and shed 10 lbs as fast as possible, hopefully 10-15 lbs by the start of school..
i need extreme hard core exercises!
and foods are have basically no calories!

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3 Responses to “What are some extreme workouts I can do to lose weight fast?”

  1. **<+aimee+>** said :

    you can do 50 jumping jacks. then 20 push ups. drink lots of water. drink milk shakes it fills your hungrinessand thirstiness. and walk and run and do any activitys an y time you can. i hope i helped

  2. Jack Dawson said :

    Of course man.

    I lost 22 pounds (10 kilos) in 4 months – I was 176 and now i’m 154. I am 21 years old and i’m 5’11. I am saying this because I want you to have realistic expectations. So not to disapoint you later, i will tell you right away that losing 10 pounds a month is incredibly hard and almost impossible as well as bad for your health (i know you want to lose weight at all cost and don’t care much about your health, but i hope you never know how serious a health problem can be…).

    How I lost that weight? I will tell you: start jogging everyday 6 days a week, get some cardio vascular exercises. First day – run for 5 minutes, 10 on the next, keep it on 15 for three days then add some time. In three weeks begin to jog for 30 minutes everyday. Listen the only effective and quick way to lose weight are not pills, or fat burners, or stupid bowel cleansers… people want to sell you those to make profit.. they will drop your weight but only water weight… never fat.. they will never burn your fat. So if you want to lose weight, work for it!

    Drink 8 glasses of cold water everyday unless its winter… keep the water at room temperature. If you’re on a diet… stick to it! Or else you will remain a fat *** all your life… i am sure you do not want that. Do not eat sugar! That thing is crap! No more sodas… no more white bread.. no more pastas! Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, nothing fried! NO FAST FOOD AT ALL!!

    Stay motivated… eat only when you are hungry.. eat slowly and don’t over eat! Stay motivated by imagining yourself how you will look in that bikini with a normal, slim, healthy and overall attractive body.

    If you want to lose weight, it is possible, let me repeat that – it – is – possible!!!! But you have to work for it! And work hard and make sacrifices.. like for everything in life in order to get it… you have to work hard for it.

    So set realistic goals… exercise.. walk and jog a lot.. don’t be lazy!
    By 6 months you CAN lose around 40 pounds. That is a lot!

    Do not give up or you will suffer emotionally all your life because of your body.

    I know you can do it and i hope you will!

  3. Laci M said :


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