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i wanna start a diet, but i dont wanna lose weight on my boobs?

i just wanna tidy up my stomach and tone my legs a bit.. and i am slightly overweight, but i really dont wanna lose my boobs! any ideas?

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19 Responses to “i wanna start a diet, but i dont wanna lose weight on my boobs?”

  1. Eamz said :

    You probably wont, you may stop any more growth though.

  2. Highway Companion said :

    Well it will just be more proportional.

  3. truefirstedition said :

    Doesn’t work like that. You can’t “spot reduce” one part of your body. If you want to lose body fat, you have to accept that you will lose a little bit everywhere, not just in one area.

  4. xgurl3eb said :

    HA! good luck, welcome to the problem women everywhere have with losing weight, it always goes away from the boobs first. You can try doing muscle workouts and using weights to get more definition, but if you’re actually going to be doing cardio and losing the weight, you’ll lose some from teh boobs too, if you find a way to get around it, let me know!

  5. sameveel said :

    You don’t get to choose where the weight comes off!

    If you’re going to do weights incorporate pectoral exercises and it may help, but your body is going to do what it wants. Boobs are mostly fat, so they will shrink if you lose weight. That’s just how it goes.

  6. Jessica said :

    if u lose weight by a diet u will lose fat from all your body.
    go to a gym and ask for informations

  7. Ace Babe said :

    Yeah me too. But I know I will lose my boobs if I diet. I guess you should speak with someone at your local gym as they would best advise on exercises to help stay toned on top.

  8. F said :

    don’t let that stop you from exercising! just do it and see what happens. i’m sure you will look better overall, with exercise; everyone does!

  9. xunsurexconfusedx said :

    get an excercise video like mr motivator! there are different excercises for toning thighs, stomach and bum lol BUT i think there is no way of toning the stomach without effecting the boobs, sorry!
    i think my boobs are too big so it wouldnt bother me lol

  10. sparkle said :

    You wont lose weight in your breast as long as you don’t starve yourself. I would try some light jogging combined with some light muscle toning exercises. Eat allot of veggies & cut back on the red meat & you will be good to go

  11. Donna said :

    you can work on your lower body, by doing sit ups, crunches and squats, baring in mind you will still be burning calories

  12. JD said :

    just do cardio and only work on the areas that you want to slim down on. even if you’re breasts decrease in size, the rest of your body will slim down a bit and you’re boobs wont look small, because it will be proportionate to your new figure. goodluck :]

  13. Panny said :

    have you seen CORONATION STREET’S Molly Compton?

    she first came to my attention because of her beautiful eyes – she’s clearly been on a diet and i’m afraid she looked far better carrying a little more weight!

    bottom line – i think that this is one of the main places you lose it from

  14. Lulabelle said :

    It really depends how big your boobs are how much weight will lose off them.

    If they are great big huge mammoth boobs, they are probably going to become much smaller as you lose weight.

    If your boobs are pretty small anyway and your just scared they’ll completely disappear – i wouldn’t worry.

  15. Brooke D said :

    Bad news..

    you can’t spot reduce fat on any part of your body. When you exercise, you lose weight everywhere, not just in one place.

    Good news..

    you CAN do certain exercises to build up the muscles behind there. For example, push ups.

    Good luck 🙂

  16. Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy said :

    Boobs are usually the first to go 🙁 If you want to tidy up just your stomach and legs, go for toning excercises instead of weight loss.

  17. willygromit said :

    Don’t go on a diet – go to the gym if you want to tone up you legs and mid rift. if you tell them what you want to do they will recommend the exercises to do the job

  18. Jamie Ray said :

    Unfortunately you’re going to lose fat wherever fat is on your body. It’s a myth that exercising a particular part of your body will cause fat loss in that particular area. In cases where companies sell “Ab Machines” showing models that have rock hard abs, the truth is, if those models don’t follow a strict diet they would have great abs under a bunch of fat. Your diet can and should include exercise. There are exercises designed to enhance the upper body area and can help you look better upstairs without using stored fat to do it.

    We all diet to look better, in fact, if you’re depending upon fat to make them look good under your clothes, then you’re goal is about your outward appearance and what others might appreciate instead of what you appreciate about yourself. In reality,you’re probably just as normal bodied as the average woman your age, and the fat layer in your breast area is not going to make much of a difference to someone who generally wants to be with you for who you are – inside and out.

    On the drastic side of things, you can opt to lose the weight and then get an elective surgical enhancement if the situation really attacks your confidence…. but lose the weight first, or you may become addicted to surgeries and that’s an expensive habit.

  19. Iam O said :

    i have a question.. why is it those who diet want the impossible?

    don’t worry, you’re not going to lose your boobs.. matter of fact you’re not going to lose your stomach either. you’re too weak and vulnerable to those tastey treats…

    so, forget it.. matter of fact… your weight is going to double.



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