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I want to lose some weight, having a hard time losing weight, do you have any good advice for a teenage man?

I also want to go and dye my hair light blonde, I’m a medium brown and want to do it, how many times do I need to dye my hair or bleach or whatever?

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10 Responses to “I want to lose some weight, having a hard time losing weight, do you have any good advice for a teenage man?”

  1. skyline fitness said :

    Hi how are you? Check out they have a 1 week free trial where you will recieve personalized dietitian meal plans and certified personal trainer workouts that will help you lose some weight. Let the hair process for a long time.

  2. Amish Rebel said :

    A tapeworm will work wonders for you, although it’s probably not recommended.

    Also, as for dying your hair, did you know that you can use non-toxic hair dye to color your teeth as well? You can be fashionable, whilst saying money at the same time.

    Good Luck!

  3. Gremlin said :

    Stop drinking Soda and go to a hair dresser.

  4. boobookitty said :

    keep yourself mentally motivated and walk a lot (walking is better for you than running) and even do it at a faster pace than a normal walk but you must keep it steady. you can do crunches and push ups to tone and suchl like that. as far as your hair if you do it right the first time then you should only have to do it once. you dont want to bleach your hair more than once in a day. but you shouldnt put chemicals on it more than once when coloring. i did it because i have dark brown hair and i bleached it so i could color it purple i had to bleach it twice and it friend my hair sooooo bad

  5. redswirlsonblack said :

    Stop eating at least 3 hours before you go to bed, go run at least 3 times a week(it worked for my friend) and cut down on carbs.

    As for the dye, one bleach is enough… but remember to use like hair mask or intensively condition afterwards cause it can really damage.

  6. Xiao xin said :

    RUNNING is the best way to lose your weight.
    For your hair, please go to hair saloon. 🙂

  7. riece2 said :

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about the APPLE PATCH diet. Its for people who want to take off 10-40 lbs average. Its all-natural too, not like a lot of the risky diet pills. Everything you need to know is on their site:

  8. eman f said :

    Do you want really to lose weight I think I can help you go to
    and leave your information ,and I will help you to lose weight and after that to management the weight you want for ever
    good luck

  9. Rodney said :

    In order to lose weight, you don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat more healthy. Cut back on sugars, carbs, and eliminate soda (trust me on that one). Depending on your shape now, start walking a few times a week. Once you’re comfortable with that, pick up a slow jug, and eventually throw in some sprints. Vary your speed and distance through out the week, and you’ll be losing weight in no time. As for the hair, I can’t really help you there.

  10. Pat said :

    2 loose weight, excircise


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