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I want to lose some weight what some advice and how do I stick to my plan?

PS-I also want a new hairstyle once I lose some of this weight, well i want to lose 50 pounds or more this summer, and I also want to change my haircolor what would you suggest?

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9 Responses to “I want to lose some weight what some advice and how do I stick to my plan?”

  1. pinkjello40 said :

    diet and ecxercising thats the best and safest way also 4 ur hair color if u have light skin but tanned slighly try blond

  2. Jessica said :

    Well to stick with ur plan on dieting eat healthier. Dont have fastfood and drink lots of water. Dont drink cokes just water. Exercise 3 times a week. Then u should lose some weight. I also take a B-12 vitamin each day and it speeds up ur metabolism. Hope this helps

  3. maxi said :

    eat less work out more duh!

  4. Mike F. said :

    Sticking to a weight loss plan takes a lot of inner strength. I would take some time to write down your goals and make a plan. Give yourself some milestones & rewards (i.e. when I lose 5 pounds, I’ll buy myself that new CD….). One way I do it with my running goals is to sign up for a race! That entry fee alone keeps me committed.

    – Mike

    PS – you’re on your own with the hair color 😉

  5. chiechie said :

    i would suggest you to stick to a nice diet.. get to a dietrician.. then go to a pt to start into gym.. or maybe start a good shot by reducing your intake of carbs..


  6. Elizabeth B said :

    try soy milk

    make sure you get at least seven hours sleep a night and no more than nine hours

    ok lots of low fat foods have extra salt and sugar so be careful with those

    however use lowfat milk not no-fat because half the nutreints
    in milk are fat soluble

    try a new healthy food each week to keep yourself interested i’ve been doing this latetly and i’ve tried sunflower seeds which are tasty and i brought rhubarb yesterday

    make up a trail mix to snack on u can put
    dark chocolate, seeds,dried fruits
    nuts, cheese, yogurt drops

    drink 8 glasses of water a day
    and have some lemon slice/juice in warm water to start each day

    positive affirmations
    write them on cards and put on fridge, mirror, in wallet
    and some inspiring pictures and stick them around the house

    try having 5 small each day this can be down by reducing the size of lunch and tea and incresing the size of afternoon and morning tea

    eat in relaxed seting put some music on eat slowly and savour every bite, open the window and le in rthe breeze and light, put some flowers in the eating area and arrange food nicely

    make a fruit salad to snack on put it in the fridge

    allow yourself treats but put these in opaque container at the back of the cupboard or only buy them when you out

    do not weigh yourself more than twice a week otherwise you will worry to much

    despite you wanting to lose alot of weight in only 4 months you are more likely to keep it off if you lose max 2 kilos a week

    grapefruit is anb excellant weight loss aid but tastes gross so why not add to some less tart fruit juice and add some water to your fruit juice

    believe it or not but strong coffee with a tiny bit of sugar and milk wil help you lose weight as will green tea

    add some fibre use wholemeal bread, have oats in your yogurt, put bran or lentils in your rice (it gives it a beautiful nutty taste)

    have fun with exercise
    dance to music
    play on swings
    splash around on beach
    play nwith the dog
    get a group of your friends and walk around the scenic part
    of town
    wrestle with your friends
    twirl ribbons ok maybe only for females

    learn about healthy options when eating out
    dark choc is better for you
    roast beef, tuna and chicken are better than salmani, ham
    choose wheat bread ar whole grain or multigrain
    tomato sauce is the best sauce
    choose red rooster or other grilled/bqq shops over KFC
    choose water/ juice/ milk
    avoid creamy dishes
    choose vegetables dishes
    have a gap in the meal for a few minutes to aid digestion

    have an early tea and then a small snack before bedtime such as yogurt, milk or nuts

    avoid alcohol

    buy a health cookbook or copy and paste some recipes from internet and have fun exploring

    drink iced water it boosts metabolism

    if you are in the contraception pill try using condoms for a whiule……women on the pill gain weight

    choose protein sources such as eggs,turkey, chicken, kangaroo, liver and fish which are low in fat

    when you stay away from fatty food for a day reward yourself such as a movie or store brougt facial
    put olive oil on bread instead of butter
    eat complex carbohydrates such as wholegrains, legumes, vegies
    sip apple sider vinegar
    popcorn is good
    cook with garlic and onion

    make your own lemonade: natural sparkiling mineral water
    lemon juice
    teaspoon of sugar
    ice cubes
    chew thoughly

    steam foods
    do not drink with meals

    use the colour red to incresae metabolim

    try the heartmoves dvd or bike riding

    fenugreek use tablets or seeds which are cheap they control appetite and and digestion

    lavender oil and flowers for relaxtion

    oregan grape tablets are excellant digestive tonic failing that eat grape seeds

    poke root caposules for bowel cleansing do not use decotion

  7. guy m said :

    try to eat fruits rather than meat & white bread & drinks lots & lots of water everyday…

    About your hair, ask your barberian if whats color is fits with your skin, they’re the expert.

  8. loolita said :

    first ,for your diet plan a lot of fruit and vegetables to start a healthy diet and to have a good skin ..
    try to have an hour for sport every day .. any kind that have a lot of moving and you like it ..
    share your healthy meals with your friends .. this way help you to go on diet .. and to have alot of fun ..
    my friend who was 90 kg was bring her fruit salad every day to share it with us .. now , she is 60 kg with a beautiful skin .
    eat an egg in the break fast..
    remember to keep away from chocolate .. soft drinks and energy drinks ..
    and drink alot of water .
    about your look ..
    I think that only who are around you could give you some opinions .. I couldn’t .. because there isn’t a photo for you ..

    Good Luck 🙂

  9. Con K said :

    OOO man i am fat like hell but im losing big time with my trick i have put posters off all evil fat duded like bad guys in movies and also polatics and say im about to eat a choklate and i c one off the posters im like wat am i doing do i want to be this guy


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