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What are some ways that i can lose weight before school starts on August 20?

I am 13 yrs old and I weigh 168 and I Am 5’3, at the beginning of the summer i weighed 175, so i have lost some weight already. But i want to lose way more to get to my right weight. I really would appreciate if you left me some wonderful advice, and someone else who is 13 and has this same problem please be sure to IM me!! Thanks so much!!!

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8 Responses to “What are some ways that i can lose weight before school starts on August 20?”

  1. XxCupcakexX said :

    eat veggies exercise an hour a day and stuff

  2. sarah s said :

    hi im 11 almost 12 5’3.5 and 134.5 pounds!!! hi steph !!! i dont know why im saying hi but thje tread mill works ihave one in my family room and if you watch tv at the same time time goes by quicker by the way am i fat?!!?!?!?!

  3. Steph said :

    I’m 15 5’3″ and weigh 149.. step up the excercise.. I kinda hit a plateau but anyways go on the treadmill put some music on and or bring a book.. lift some weights.. do cardio cheer its fun.. just keep up the activity and eat breakfast

  4. samantha said :

    well just between me and u. im in the same boat as u, im 5 ft tall and i weigh around 135-140. and i really want to lose weight b4 skool starts too. so i started eatin smaller portions and eating healthier and i stopped snackin. (well not totally lol) but so far i’ve lost 4-7 pounds. so just watch wat u eat alittle more and stop like snacking and stuff. i also use an exercise bike too. so thats how i get my exercise. but just think about ur goal to get comfortable wit ur weight.

  5. ishbit92 said :

    join your schools cross country team . seriously you will shed off the pounds fast. usually cross country starts before school

  6. WhizKid said :

    A lot of the info out there on losing weight is wrong. The Weight Loss Cure tells how you can lose weight by getting more sleep and getting more sunlight. See site below for more on how to lose weight and be thin and healthy for life.

  7. Emilee T said :

    every day go outside exercise for one hour eat healthy thing no red meat eat some fruit veggies and drink soy milk

  8. 1 said :

    Run for at least 45 min a day, eat no more than 1300 cal a day, do lots of crunches, jumping jacks and weight lifting eat only healthy no soda ,junk food or crap like that


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