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What are some ways to get motivated to lose weight before my wedding?

I used to be a part of the ymca and I lost 30 pounds in college. I have since graduated and started my career and we moved. I can’t seem to get out of this funk to lose weight before my wedding next september. Any suggestions like what foods to eat, or pills to take?

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10 Responses to “What are some ways to get motivated to lose weight before my wedding?”

  1. markymarc999999 said :

    You just said it yourself.

    motivation: Your wedding!!

  2. deep_hearted_empath said :

    My cousin lost 100 pounds by not eating anything after 6, only juice and water and eating everything out of the same bowl to control her caloric intake. She ate pretty much whatever she wanted, just just stopped at the bowl full. It worked for her. Good luck to you and congrats!!!

  3. g00d_kiss3r_1992 said :

    ok just think, do u want to have fat on ur stomach when u have sex?? welll 4 me i would be thinkin HECK NO…. so yea

  4. life coach said :

    Think: these are the pictures you are going to be staring at for the next 50 years! Get busy! Pamper yourself like a prize piggy and keep a picture of your favorite bride dress in the fridge!
    Exercise daily-no excuses! No fatty food & try nothing white-bread, potatos. You deserve to look your best! Also-cream your elbows nightly. You will be dee-vine!!

  5. Kristin B said :

    first off.. pills dont work. Extensive research has shown that they really dont make any difference, except they make your heart race… which may help with eergy levels as far as exercising goes, but its also very dangerous to your health.
    The only proven way to lose weight is diet and exercise. The best way to do it is set small goals.. like *by the end of this month, I want to lose 5 pounds.* That is a goal that is very easy to reach, and most likely, surpass! That will get you inspired to work even harder and exercise more. Programs like LAWeight loss.. Weight watchers.. those really do work for some people, but not for all people. o yourself a favor, and check them out… but dont buy into it right away, it might not fit your lifestyle. For some people, plans like Nutrasystem or Jenny Craig work better, because all they have to do is microwave a meal, eat it.. and your done.
    Eat at least 6 times a day. NEVER skip breakfast. If you skip breakfast, you put yourself into starvation mode. Even if all you eat is a piece of fruit, and a protein shake.. you are doing your metabolism a HUGE favor by eating breakfast.
    Have a mid-morning snack, something like some lowfat yogurt with some granola… or some mozarella cheese and some veggies.. some hummas and veggies.. or even a protein bar (200 calories or less).
    Lunch.. keep it light but filling. Always eat whole wheat if you are going to have bread.. eat protein at EVERY meal if possible.. it will keep you fuller longer. You dont have to eat just salad! Have some grilled chicken, a whole wheat roll, and some veggies!
    Have an afternoon snack… 3 cups of popcorn is a serving! Thats a HUGE amount of food with a ton of fiber to keep you full. Just make sure its either fat free, or air popped.
    For dinner.. just be sensible about portion size, load up on fruits and veggies and protein before going for breads and starches. Dont cut out… just cut down.

  6. sunflare63 said :

    drink warm apple cider vinegar water before meals.
    eat foods that fill u quick , like an apple or banana.
    Take vitamins
    Exercise every other day,

  7. mike said :

    to motivate yourself, as horribly superficial as it is. take a picture of yourself as you are now and post it next to a vera wang ad on your refridgerator. Pills really arent worth the money as far as im concerned, and the only way you will see considerable results is if you add a little exercise back into your life. All you need to do is walk for 30 minutes to an hour everyday at a quick, constant pace. Also, make sure you eat a larger breakfast and minimize what you eat at night. Sleeping on a reletively empty stomach is the best thing for your metabolism.

  8. arabia_ana1 said :

    There’s 25 simple tips that can help you getting your body fit and beauty.

    1. Eat fresh and healthy food. Avoid from taking processed food like tinned and
    junk food.
    2. You can take any food that you want. But remember! Take in a small amount!
    3. Find a diet partner. It makes you both desiring to lose weight.
    4. Drink a plenty of plain water!
    5. Vegetable is proven good for diet, but don’t cook for too long because this
    will removes it’s nutrient.
    6. Chew your food slowly. Don’t be hasty.
    7. Think about quality than quantity.
    8. Add a few small blocks of ice into your drink. Your body actually needs energy
    to adapt the drink to your body. This helps burning your fat!
    9. Avoid from taking food that kept in the bottle or jug. Because you will not
    realize how much you have taken. But pick up a handful of it and put in a
    small plate.
    10. Choose the smallest and cheapest menu every time you go to restaurant.
    11. Cut your favorite fruits into a cute slices to replace unhealthy snack.
    12. Banana is the best food before starting your exercise.
    13. Try detoxification to remove toxins from your body.
    14. Don’t make chewing as your habit. Moreover in a time of watching tv!
    15. Buy your dream night dress. Hang it in your room. Make it as a motivation to
    lose weight!
    16. Take a glass of plain water, add 3 teaspoon of lemon juice to increase your metabolism.
    17. Add chillies or spices into your food. It’s also increase your metabolism!
    18. Choose stairs rather than lift or escalator.
    19. Take a bottle of mineral water anywhere you go. You’ll find that you’re not interested to buy carbonated drink. Even when you feel thirsty!
    20. Drink a cup of coffee without sugar after your meal.
    21. Get enough sleep. Tiredness will make you eat more high calories foods.
    22. Add a little milk and olive oil into your cook.
    23. Butter contains high fat. So avoid it and replace with low fat butter.
    24. Eat nut based food to maximize the fat burning.
    25. Again! The quality of the food is more important than it’s quantity!2

  9. joyceeleann said :

    Have you ever done a colon cleanse? If not, its possible you have alot of YUCK built up in your colon and intestinse. I would start there. Try the Activia Dannon Yogert to get your digetive system healthy and then start a good healty eating routine.

    My favorite is

    Low Carb Toritalls
    Soy Bacon
    Diced Tomatoes
    Diced Onions

    Just make a burito outof the above items .Its really good. If you need some spice get a guac spice pack and mix it into your avacado.

    I also do really well on Rasin Bran, fresh fruits and veggies, real oatmeal, gronoala.

    My biggest problem was carbinated drinks of any sorts. The carbination builds up and bloats your stomach. You can actually looks one pant size by just getting rid of anything carbinated. I stick to alot of water, Milk and Orange. After 6pm, I stick to anything liquid. If I am still hungry after that, I just have a large glass of milk.

    I went from 165 to 128 by eating right and just biking around my neighborhood.

    Now that I lost the weight.. I am working on toning.

  10. dragonlady said :

    There aren’t really any over the counter diet pills that work anymore. There are prescriptions that do, and they can be obtained through your personal doctor, a weight loss clinic, or an online prescription. As far as what to eat-we all really know what we should and shouldn’t have. For most of us excess weight is a result of too much quantity at meals or too much in between snacking-not really any TYPE of food. I currently take phentermine, which is a prescription that helps control appetite, and it helps.
    As far as motivation-take a picture of the wedding dress you’d like to wear, and make copies. Put a copy up anywhere you will encounter temptation….one on the fridge, the inside of the pantry door, by the phone, in your car. That way the desire to look as beautiful as possible on that day will be ingrained in your subconcious from visualizing your goal so consistently, and anytime you have the desire to snack, pull into a drive thru, or order take out, you will have to think twice when you get reminded of that upcoming date!
    Weight loss is 80% diet, and 20% exercise. But that is not to say that exercise will not help you look better. Strength training, either with weights or something like Pilates, will help increase metabolism by increasing muscle mass, and body composition is everything when it comes to how we look. We can be a smaller size even at the same weight if we have a lesser body fat percentage.
    Congratulations on the wedding date, and best of luck to you! The most important thing for you to remember is this…..there’s nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself. But always keep in mind that he asked you to marry him the way you are now…..whether you lose any weight or not. So don’t let the stress of a few extra pounds take away from your excitement and enjoying the times that are coming up!


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