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easy ways for a teenager to lose some weight?

I seriously need to lose 20 pounds, and I feel like I’ve tried everything. Anything you know of that could help me?

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21 Responses to “easy ways for a teenager to lose some weight?”

  1. Shelly said :

    No easy way just eat right and don’t diet(youll just gain the weight back) and exercise.


    Well i’m a teenager and i see ur difficulty and most of these methods i use and i have lost 15 pounds (and it is harder for females to lose the weight)

    first off try to cut Sugar out of your diet (or a Large soucre of Sugar) for me it was substituting Juice for Water

    Drinking bottles and bottles of water can help you in many ways
    -helps releases unhealthy toxins in side you
    -it can help you kick craving since water can fill you up
    -water weight can be worked off very easily

    an effective way to lose weight without starving yourself is to make some of your meals smaller
    the difference should kick some pounds

    Last Advice …… Take your time
    most weight lose doesn’t happen instantly so give it some time
    but also keep in perspective certian certian pounds or baby weight you can’t excersize off

  3. Brandon R said :

    get on a diet -play outside

  4. LoVe iS aLL tHaT CoUnTs said :

    gym… running… swimming…..
    Most important eat better, that means no junk food, candy chocolate, fried stuff, ecc ecc.

  5. ne1 said :

    sorry to tell you this but the only way to lose weight for good is through HEALTHY DIET and EXERCISE. a good way to stick to a diet (this seriously works- didnt believe it myself til i tried it) is to write down what you eat- you’ll be less likely to eat out of your calorie range if you have to see that on paper later

  6. vw2kbug said :

    Eating a bit less, more fruits and veggies (less junk). Riding your bike, walking…sorry no magic, just life lessons. For some of us it isn’t that easy. If not, build your confidence and embrace your size. Just keep healthy, nothing wrong with a big healthy girl, that is if you’re big at all.

  7. rebel sheep say moo said :

    firstly if you are not over weight, it is difficult to lose weight. im 15, i jog everyday, i started with 15 minutes and now im up to 40 minutes, every week i increase by 5 minutes, plus i eat alot less infact to be honest and this isnt good i only eat lunch but i drink alot of water. plus i do other exercising like trampolining and skateboarding…basically just be active and eat less fatty foods and dont drink fizzys oh yea i lost two pounds a week =]

  8. jello said :

    Well…you should start off be eating healthy and exercising. You don’t need to go to the gym to workout, a lot of people just prefer riding their bikes, roller blades, swimming etc with friends or solo. Portion control is also key…you may be eating healthy…but if you overload on the toast or sandwiches, its extra cushion in the tooshie. Take up a local dance class or try something fun which requires you to go to that class once a week. Paying for a class makes it more likely for someone to continue going to that class. Also eliminate coke, candies, junk, too much carbs (breads) etc.

  9. Felipe G said :

    umm well you are a girl so that makes it harder ? ?

    umm try to jog in the mornings with your mom get home shower walk around shoping for example and dont eat no fatty foods not one gram and before you know it they are gone ^_^ or if you want to do what i do i BMX and well ride my bike for like 5-10 miles evryday and all i do is drink water and eat when i get home but i have like a bowl of my mom ceral you know special k or something ^_^

  10. OSweet said :

    Try to do 30-second sprints. Do at least 6 in one workout, resting for a minute or two in between.
    Also, jog/walk for an hour every day. Like at a track or on a treadmill.

    Oh, did you say “easy”? Then prepare to stay fat.

  11. Tonio V said :

    diet and exersise… get off ur a a s s

  12. adam said :

    Go to the gym on a regular basis and eat as healthy as you can
    Also try joining a sports club or team so that you play football or do martial arts or boxing … Something fun as well as taking part in regular exercise … It will take a while to lose a lot of weight but don’t go to the gym once and expect to lose weight

    ( Please Help With a Question )

  13. Kirsten said :

    play dance dance revolution…that game gives a serious workout!!

  14. aliciapa86 said :

    – Drink water!! No soda or juice aside from occasional all natural juice

    – Try going vegetarian!

    – Stick with all natural foods. Example: a twinkie is not natural. if you need some junk food then going with one or two homemade chocolate chip cookies is better

    – The trick to these tips is will power and consistency!! If it’s going to work you have to stick with it all the time for at least a month to see results!


    oh and if you want to try some fun exercise try Carmen Electra’s aerobic striptease DVDs!

  15. Niki said :

    just join a sport that rele helps since you HAVE TO be fit for that.
    soccer or volleyball are great.

  16. marylandgrl99 said :

    First, talk to your doctor. And I mean absolutely no offense when I say this, but make sure you actually need to lose 20 pounds to be healthy…not just because you want to go from a size 3 to a size 0.

    After checking with your doctor, there are lots of things you can do, but make sure your daily activities involve modifying your diet and exercising. And no, it probably won’t be easy. Just eat healthier foods and smaller portions, while still making sure you get the necessary amount of calories you need in a day (talk to your doctor for that one). Avoid fatty foods. Try to eat vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken. Stay away from anything that is fried and lots of sugary baked goods and snacks.Talk to your parents and let them know you want to make a healthy change, so that they can provide healthier meals or snack foods at home. Also, exercise. Do cardio workouts like running, aerobics, cycling or dancing. If those are too difficult at first, try walking everyday. If you have a friend that wants to lose weight too and get healthier, talk to them. Maybe he or she could be a work out buddy and you could motivate each other.

    Losing 20 pounds will take time, so don’t expect miracles overnight. Just change your daily habits involving food and exercise and you can lose the weight in a healthy way. But remember talk to your doctor first and make sure that what you’re doing is healthy.

  17. JACKIE T said :

    Firstly try to keep all junk foods, ready made processed meals, sugary fizzy drinks and takeaway meals to an absolute minimum. These are high in refined sugar and full of saturated fat. The two main ingredients responsible for weight gain. Junk food is just what it says -JUNK. With one added ingredient in – FAT.

    Try also to MOVE as MUCH as YOU CAN. EXERCISE will really help to accelerate your weight loss.

    Good Luck.

  18. Anomoly said :

    the only way to loose weight is to burn more calories than you take in.

    this means two options: control what you eat, more activity

    here’s a few things that you can try.

    Control what you eat:

    Keep a journal, write down everything that you put in your mouth, food, water, juice, everything. Also (something that helped me) write down how you feel in the following hours after you eat the food, this is how i learned that certain foods that i loved actually gave me headaches, or gassy. This way in about a week you can see EXACTLY what you are eating.

    Find alternatives. Most people can’t quit cold turkey, so find healthier things that you can eat that will satisfy. instead of cold stone, try frozen yogurt.

    Dont eat dinner infront of the TV. they have found that people that eat dinner infront of the television eat 20% more than those who don’t. so sit at the table and eat (if your by yourself turn on the radio, or read a book while you eat).

    Eat more 🙂 – Usually we tend to go for the sweet stuff because our blood sugar is low… we grab the sugar, our blood sugar spikes, and then crashes lower than where we started. the problem is this is a revolving door. so try to eat smaller portions with more frequency. i.e. every 2-3 hours.

    MODERATION, it’s ok to cheat every once in a while, just dont go overboard, have in your mind a limit before you start. i.e. instead of getting the super large size, get the small size.

    Dont beat yourself up over it, it’s an up hill battle and as long as you are going in the right direction, you’ll get where you want to be.

    More activity:

    More activity means that you burn more calories.


    Most people think exercise, think the gym… this isn’t the only activity, a simple walk around the block each day can increase activity.

    Make sure that you do something to move around atleast 30 to an hour everyday. as you start to get used to it and more comforatable increase the activity (if your walking around the block try jogging around the block.)

    If your going to go to the gym and you dont know what your doing, start out with a personal trainer, this way you have a good starting point.

    Turn off the tv. instead of spending hours infront of the t.v. do something that will get you moving.

    look into resistance exercise, this is a two fold because your burning calories and increasing muscle, the more muscle the higher your metabolism (this means you burn more calories even while your resting!). again start slow.

    Make sure that what you choose to do for exercise/activity is something that YOU enjoy… this will make you more likely to stick with it.

  19. doncrisp99 said :

    The easiest, cheapest, and most effective way of losing fat is to simply quit eating for a while, but drink lots of water. This method works every time, and instead of spending money, you save.

  20. AviB said :

    If you want to lose tons of weight the right way then here is a great article that will help you out…—Fat-Loss-for-a-Six-Pack&id=462471

    Good Luck!


  21. lady84 said :

    Find out your calorie needs per day, Everyone is different, I need only 1,500.. I’m a teenage Female, 5’5”. I don’t know anything about you’re measurements or weight but try eating only 1,600 calories per day. You can eat your favorite snacks, but of course try eating more fruits and vegetables, but basically you can eat WHATEVER you want, just as long as you don’t go over your calories. It worked for me!! And I had pizza almost every week! You don’t have to be a calorie counter, ( i don’t, I just predict; restaurant’s usually give meals of about 600-1,000 calories) so i then only allow myself about 600 more calories. . . I’m quite good at predicting though, because of a class I took.
    —-This works because you don’t starve yourself by just eating carrots, you can eat good food, sandwiches & stuff and even a little candy or ice cream… You have to allow your calories to be spent throughout the entire day, don’t just eat all 1,600 for breakfast!
    ******* ALWAYS EXERCISE, to see the BEST results try to get at LEAST 30 minutes of exercise. One hour is better!
    😉 give it a shot it might just do the trick! if not then I’m really sorry and I hope you find another way…
    * i don’t do this anymore though 🙁


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