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How do I lose weight fast before school starts?

Im 12 years old, Female and Im going to be a 7th grader. Im struggling with my weight. You can notice my fat even if I wear a sweater. My thighs are big, and i want to make them smaller, but I want a bigger butt. How do I lose all the weight before school, and look skinnier.

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8 Responses to “How do I lose weight fast before school starts?”

  1. Jet said :

    exercise.. lol

  2. The King Adrock said :

    A little late for that..
    You probably should have started losing weight for school BEFORE summer to give yourself enough time to do it naturally.

    Don’t take weight pills or go on diets or anything like that.
    The best way to get a great body is just to exercise, and eat healthy. Don’t starve yourself, just make healthier, better choices on what you should eat.

  3. Hannah said :

    I had the same problem last year. what i did is i started going to the local pool and doing laps that is really good if your not the running type. I also started taking my dog for really long walks that way by benefiting myself i benefited her. Really any cardiovascular work will do. Also cut fatty foods like chips candy and sodas. Try to drink water. out and to get a bigger butt do squats they are great for your butt and thigh muscles. But NEVER become anorexic because your body will burn your muscle before your fat.
    Hope this helped,

  4. Diane said :

    If you go to you can sign up for a free weight loss program. You don’t even have to exercise! All you do is take like a 20 minute survey on the foods you like to eat and then you can choose the “intensity” of a program you want to go on. It then automatically tells you how much you should eat of what for each meal of the day, and gives you a “menu” for each day of the week. My aunt did the highest intensity level the week before her son’s wedding and lost 7 pounds in 7 days! Another good weight loss tip is when eating food, (I know this sounds weird) but put it on a smaller plate. If you tend to put your food on big plates, and there is a lot of empty room, it will look like a smaller portion than it really is, and subconsciously you won’t be as full. However, if you put the same portion on a smaller plate you’ll feel more full and won’t have the need to eat more. A final tip is try and cut out “mindless munching”. I notice this happens to me and my family when watching TV or on the computer or reading or something, but try to eliminate this by munching on healthy snacks. Actually, my mom has this new thing where she freezes grapes, (just wash them like you’d normally eat them and stick them in the freezer) and then she sucks on them and eats them. It actually tastes like candy and now she munches on these instead of sugary snacks. Also, if you wanted to excercise you can skip the crunches and push-ups and go straight to hand weights which tone all parts of the body, and squats for your thighs. Hope this all helps, and wish you the best! 🙂

  5. dana said :

    I really need to become skinnier too.
    Im 10 & im 80 pounds im 4’8 becoming a 6th grader & what i do is i jog my dog to the park cause my park is far away from my house and i jog not walk, keep a slow pace.
    And i eat 3 times a day cause i used to eat like 5 times a day.
    I have a bacon belly:(
    Its sooo sad. i hate it.
    Sometimes i do crunches too.

  6. Dangous said :

    Step 1:Cut out all sodas. The carbonation will make you bloated so switch to water or tea. Step 2:To lose one lb of fat you need to burn 3,500 calories. So start by cutting 350 calories off your daily diet.Step 3:Switch to lean proteins like chicken and fish because they will keep you fuller longer and are less in calorie.Step 4:Cut carbs out for the next 2 weeks, you’ll definitely understand at the end of the 2 weeks how many extra calories they give you.Step 5:Eat lots and lots of vegetables.Step 6:Work out at least 1 hour a day. Go for a walk, ride a bike, lift some weights.

  7. Jane said :

    Though it is sometimes possible to lose weight fast, school starts pretty soon so time is not on your side. Having said that you should still strive to lose weight for yourself. When you lose weight you look better and you also feel better. Here is a simple step by step solution to losing weight fast:

    1. Cut out the junk foods / high fat foods (hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, chips and generally any fried food) and the foods that contain high amounts of sugar (candy, sweets, chocolates, cakes, doughnuts, ice-cream, etc.). You should also cut the soda drinks / soft drinks since these contain a lot of sugar – most of the sugar gets converted to fat.

    2. Eat 4 to 5 times each day (between 3 to 4 hours apart). Doing so will increase your metabolic rate which is the body’s natural ability to burn fat and you will lose weight.

    3. Reduce your meal portions. Given that you need to eat 4 to 5 times a day you should reduce your meal portion sizes. When you overeat, most of the excess food gets converted to fat, which is not what you want. Therefore you should only eat till you just satisfy your hunger.

    4. Do regular exercises / fitness or sport. This will burn fat and you will lose weight. You do not need to get out of the house in order to start exercising. You can ask your parents to buy you a treadmill, air walker or cycling machine (I am sure they can find such machines useful as well).

    5. Drink a lot of water (a least 8 glasses a day). Drinking water is very important if you want to lose weight, especially during the summer months. You should increase your water intake when you do sports and exercise, to replenish the water lost with the sweat.

    For more information please visit my source below:

  8. Annelle Psuty said :

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