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How do you lose weight fast on your butt and thighs.?

These are my problems areas and i Hate it because i want to be able to wear tight jeans and bikinis and not have these huge legs and bum. I NEED TIPS….i want to lose it within 4 weeks.

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8 Responses to “How do you lose weight fast on your butt and thighs.?”

  1. ThEpErSian said :

    burn more than you eat

  2. angrysandwichguy_2007 said :

    You can’t target a certain area for weight loss. Weight loss is cumulative. So, you need to exercise. However, doing squats and lunges would be good for building muscle in your butt and thighs. Good luck

  3. Burianu said :


  4. zwinkies4u said :

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  5. joy l said :

    i think all you need to do is used a particular drug i was introduced to. send me a mail to my email address, i’ll give you allt he details you want. [email protected]

  6. Karen G said :

    The quick way is medical. check out

    I just dropped a dress size. (Yay Me!) It took 3 weeks. I workout 6 days a week. I eat 6 mini meals a day. I’ve tried a few different things in the past year. It takes a combination of exercise and watching what you eat. The quickest way to work out your legs… Mix it up. run. walk. squats. lunges. ballet. yoga. Repitition is great, but mixing things up works best.

  7. x0x_julia said :

    lunges, leg presses, start running.
    especially wind sprints.
    do squats too.

  8. harry said :

    if you really want to lose your weight on your butts and thighs don’t worry.exercise daily with some hard workouts for legs ,drink fresh jucies.if you want more details view the website


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