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How can I lose weight fast with little time??

I’m no where near being overweight or anything but I have gained some extra weight and I really want to lose it.
I have more fat on my thighs stomach and my butt. I need some ways to help lose the extra pounds fast when I have only a few hours a day to spare. Anything from eating tips to exercise equipment (small if possible) anything would help me big time. I really need serious answers for real. I need the help form anyone that is in the same spot as me or that really knows what they are talking about.
Thanks so much.

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3 Responses to “How can I lose weight fast with little time??”

  1. ProfessorC said :

    I just answered this same question a minute ago. Simply you have to take in less calories and do more activities.

    It seems that not a hour goes by without someone on here wanting to: lose a large amount of weight in a short time, not change their lifestyle, want a magic remedy, want to know if different diets have magical effects. There are some people on here giving VERY BAD and even dangerous advice. When you point that out to some people they get angry. There is lots of good advice out there but people try to latch onto the bad. All of these people asking questions already have very good sources for answers to the questions they are asking. But its’ not what they want to hear.

    There IS NO MAGIC in weight loss.

    If you are not sure how to determine the truth of a claim, here are some tips to help you separate the good from the bad:
    •If a diet, product, or program promises dramatic results in a short time without your needing to change your eating habits or lifestyle choices, the claims are probably false. We know that in order to see lasting results, we must adopt long-term lifestyle modifications, including healthy nutrition habits and physical exercise. There is no magic bullet that will make you healthier overnight. Slim people don’t have magic, they just have a good lifestyle.
    •Be wary of claims that a specific product will increase health or speed up metabolism and so result in rapid weight loss. There is currently no research indicating that over-the-counter diet products can bring about major weight loss. In some cases, these supplements and drugs have turned out to be harmful.
    •Avoid products that use testimonials — either from celebrities or from regular folks — instead of scientific evidence to back up their claims.
    •Consider the source. If information about a product or diet is coming from the manufacturer, sales person, or someone getting benefit, and not an independent source, then the information is likely to be biased in order to make it sound more appealing to potential buyers.
    Remember: There is no revolutionary new product that is going to help you get and stay healthy.

    Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on unproven claims, or a dangerous “diet” that may ruin your health or make it harder for you to lose weight in the long run, spend some time learning about the simple ingredients of a healthy lifestyle: eat a balanced diet that’s low in fat and exercise regularly.

  2. Ronna said :

    I have lost 20 lbs since January on weight watchers. There plan is simple – you just have to regulate your intake. I ride my bike a couple of times a week for exercise.
    You can join Weight Watchers online if you don’t have time to go the meetings (although the meetings are VERY good at helping me stay on track).
    Upon joining you will get a PointFinder calculator that you use to find out how many points a certain food contains, based on the dietary fiber grams, calories and total fat grams – all of which are found on the back of all food labels. You can also purchase the Dining Out Guide – it has a list of any chain restaraunt that you can think of, with a list of all the foods on their menu, with the points already figured for you.
    I have tried so many other diet plans that DID NOT WORK.. this really works for me – and once you get the hang of it, you will be able to figure points in your head and it becomes a way of life – not just another diet.
    Good luck – hope this helps!

  3. Terence Wu said :

    Do your cardio 3 to 5 times a week, 45 minutes to an hour each time round. You can do briskwalk or any of the cardio machines in the gym. Drink lots of plain water a day. Moderate your eating habits. If you can, do bodyweight squats and lunges every alternate day for resistance training. key to success is consistency.


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