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How do I lose weight in my legs and butt?

I have been dieting and exercising lately to try to lose some weight (I am not overweight 5’1″ and 110lb) but i have only been losing weight from my stomach and none from like my legs and butt…how can I lose weight in my legs and butt and not my stomach?

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5 Responses to “How do I lose weight in my legs and butt?”

  1. RockaSta said :

    u cant choose where to lose weight on ur body. ur body loses weight where it wants. just keep dieting. wikipedia spot reduction

  2. Saby said :

    Be patient. When I lose weight I notice I lose it in certain places first and then the rest will eventually follow. Just remember that by exercising regularly you are doing a good thing for your health and be proud of yourself. Also to lose weight you have to do more that 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 days a week. You need to do more like 45-60 minutes for 5+ days a week. Good luck! I hope you see the results you want soon.

  3. B G said :

    you have been loosing it from your legs and butt, just not as much as your stomach or possibly you just choose to see the loss more on your stomach!, just keep up your cardio and watch what you eat, you can only muscle tone your butt and legs, no such thing as spot weight loss! some good butt and leg work outs would be: squats, leg curls/extentions, leg press, lunges, both abduction and adduction leg work outs (in and out with weights), calf raises, pelvic thrusts, inclined walks on teadmill, olliptical, and biking…good luck

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  5. Kyle said :



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