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How to lose weight fast within two weeks time ?

I am 1.65m in height and i weigh 70 kg.. I know im overweight so i desperately need help.. Im doing the best i can to lose weight but its not working out.. I have cut down my food intake and i go for brisk walking for 30 mins.. My thighs and buttocks are quite huge and it makes me look awful when i wear jeans or anything..

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4 Responses to “How to lose weight fast within two weeks time ?”

  1. catty said :

    Don’t use acai berry, it’s fake. They don’t even use real acai berries in it. That’s why they give away a free trial for $6 postage and handling. They want your postage money. To loose weight dance, dance, dance everyday. Also, don’t use the colon cleanse it’s fake and the pictures on the site are fake.

  2. Sabe said :

    You need to do more than a brisk walk, though it’s a good start. You can’t lose weight fast, no matter what people say. It takes time and effort. Try some better cardio, like running, or doing an exercise tape.

  3. kewebcoach said :

    The best way to lose body fat is to eat the correct portions of the right foods and combine with an exercise that you enjoy and like.Best you eat less portions but more often.So you have to create a meal program that will generate the right diets and that comes with an exercise interface.check out

  4. leeburriss said :

    Remember that fitness is a result of choices we make daily and over a long period of time. People want to lose weight quickly but they don’t realize that it takes time depending on how significant the changes are that we are willing to make. Most people are not willing to make big changes and so they’re weight loss is very slow. Most of the time people who expect big results without making big changes get discouraged and decide that they can’t lose weight at all.
    To increase your metabolism you need to build muscle by lifting weights three times per week at least. Perform vigorous exercise three times per week and lower paced exercise, like a brisk walk, daily. Eat throughout the day. If you skip meals or eat too lightly your metabolism will slow down and your body will store the calories you consume as fat. 30 mins a day of walking is not enough. I can give you more guidance if you want to email me. I’m a fitness trainer and a social worker.


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