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How can i really tone up or lose weight on my legs,tummy and luv handles in 4 weeks?

I am petite-only size 8 and my BMI is only about 18.4 but I have a small waist which used to be toned but has since got a bit of a podge on it, under my belly button- how do i tone this area?
Also for a slim person my thighs are too fat! HOW can i make my legs slimmer or tone them.I have a step machine and am doing 500/day which ill take to 1500/day from monday and i plan to swim a few time/wk also.
I have 4 wks before i go on holiday with my bf,its his 1st time abroad n i wana look hot for him. I want to tone my legs, tummy, ass and luv handles..any advice welcome!

If I walk to work and back the last couple of wks that would be 6miles a day-surely that will help?

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6 Responses to “How can i really tone up or lose weight on my legs,tummy and luv handles in 4 weeks?”

  1. ahoymty said :

    Try a personal trainer and go to the gym.

  2. lee b said :

    all you need to do is plenty of walking and eat proper meals in the day. it as starting to work for me.

  3. Lovespell said :

    I think you should run. It may take awhile though. And do lots of weights too. Go to the gym. If you don’t want to run then you can swim also.

  4. Kay said :

    limit your white breads, white flour intake. YES. Walking WIll work wonders. 6 miles a day! Of course. You will be looking excellent shape in two weeks, (you’ll feel better too)

  5. NO ONE MOURNS THE WICKED!!!! said :

    do pilates at least 7 days a week…… i do weight watchers but im starting to do pilates tomorrow and im doing it an hour a day for 7 days. plus i have dance classes 3xs a week starting in spetember…so im prolly going to lose weight/inches………

  6. Tin T said :

    Be careful with the stepper – i am pear shaped and when i used the stepper my legs looked even more huge!!!

    swimming is very good as is running – the best 2 forms of cardio exercises to tone and stretch your whole body.
    Try weight traning for your legs as well – talk to personal trainer or fitness instructor at the gym. They will give you guidance on the best machines to use for your body type.
    go on a carbs free diet for 6 weeks – no bread rice or pasta, if you really have to have carbs go for wholemeal or brown.

    The diet may be hard at the beginning especially if you love your carbs but just think how good you’ll look on your holiday!


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