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if i burnt 700 calories & intake 700 will i lose weight fast?

I was wanting to know if I ate 700 calories & burnt 700 calories a day would I lose weight fast?

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4 Responses to “if i burnt 700 calories & intake 700 will i lose weight fast?”

  1. ejzeng said :

    I don’t think so. You will maintain the weight.

    You will lose weight only when the amount of calories you eat is less than the amount of calories you burn.


  2. Devin said :

    If you only eat 700s and burn 700s in a day you will eventually die. 700 calories is way to little and most people over 18 are reccomended 2000 to 2500 defending on different factors.

  3. Nehal said :

    loosing weight really fast will not work, you will have stretch marks and if you don’t watch your diet you will gain the weight that you lost really fast. So my recommendation is eat everything that you eat but decrease your quantity and exercise at least for 45 mins..!! (try and avoid high fat food and eat high fiber)

    I just found this today and you have to try it. it is really amazing… it has 8 minutes for all the parts like buns, abs, legs, arms..!! i tried it and it is really good.. i hate going to gym and this is the easy way out..!!

    1st try this… it has 3 parts..!!

    and then try this..!!

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