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how much calories i eat minus how much calories i burn equals 0, would i lose weight fast?

the title pretty much says it. don’t tell me it’s unhealthy because i know but no pain no gain and i need to lose weight fast. i’m fat 5’5 170lb. i want to go down to 130lb in 3 month

i burn about 700 calories a day and i eat about 700 calories

would this work?

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3 Responses to “how much calories i eat minus how much calories i burn equals 0, would i lose weight fast?”

  1. Tiffany said :

    It might work. But it’s going to be temporary. And then, you’ll start gaining it back, and you will gain it all back and probably then some. And then you’re going to have an even harder time losing it the second time. I know. I did it back when i was in high school. Boy was I dumb. If you’re smart, you’ll up your calorie intake. Your body is going to go into starvation mode because you are burning off everything you eat. And when it does that, your body is storing fat. Yah, not a good thing. You aren’t going to be able to get rid of that.
    Clearly you have your mind set, but you need to really think about the long run here, more than just 3 months from now. For whatever reason you need to lose 40 pounds in 3 months, that is kind of ridiculous.

  2. Lisa V said :

    you must be burning more than that!!!
    females should be on around 1800 calories a day, cause thats what we use is daily functioning!
    anyway…you need to have a -minus at the end of the day.
    ie. eat less than you are burning.
    so keep eating healthy and just do more daily activity.

  3. ijat1970 said :

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