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If I am 188 pounds and I only eat 400 calories a day will i lose weight fast?

I have starved myself before and lost a lot of weight and I really need to lose 70 lbs by june.

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14 Responses to “If I am 188 pounds and I only eat 400 calories a day will i lose weight fast?”

  1. Dieting Is Retarded said :

    dont do that you wont be happy because you wont be able to eat and jog 30 minutes every day youll lose a lot of weight by june. if you diet the weight will come back unless you keep starving yourself..

  2. Natasha said :

    That is very stupid because you need 1200 to survive. Eating 1500 or less will help you lose weight. And make sure you exercise regularily. Dont starve yourself. Skipping meals stores more fat than eating balanced.

  3. TheGuy said :

    Dont starve youself. you will loose your energy and actually gain in the end. You must exercise and you will start seeing a difference.

  4. Nicholas said :

    lift weights i eat a whole lot of stuff like pizza and later go lift weights and i am just 125

  5. Austin D said :

    Absolutely not!
    That super low-calorie diet will only slow your metabolism down, causing your body to store as much fat as it can to survive on the small amount of food you are giving it. This is what they call “starvation mode.” You need to eat at least 3 meals a day and get at least 800 calories per day to keep your metabolism going. Exercise is the best weight loss plan.

  6. BeasT said :

    OMGoodness. 400 calories a day does not sound healthy. I just got my fialncee a Wii it for christmas and you can set a weight goal and when you want to have it accomplished and it has you do daily routines and weighs you and gives you a daily BMI to help you reach your goal.

    How tall are you? 118bs is really skinny

  7. AngelKiiss said :

    I dont think it will work because I heard on TV if you starve yourself, when you finally eat something it will make you put on more weight. Plus, you need a certain amount of calories to survive.

  8. Lixa said :

    You’ll use plenty of weight, but then that’s really bad for you’re health, so you should eat a bit more than that and just exercise a lot. If you can’t find any time to do that, then you could probably at least walk three hours a day, to put in effect. But that doesn’t mean you can eat a lot after excercising

  9. Jeni said :

    Eat 1200 in 6 small meals a day, run or walk for however long you can manage and you will lose the weight. But you can’t just starve yourself or you will end up heavier than you were before when you eventually go back to your old ways. Just train yourself by giving youseld realistic goals. 1400-1200 calories a day is a realistic goal to lose weight in a healthy, safe, lasting way.

  10. Jimmy J said :

    are you serious? you will lose tons of weight. is it healthy? HELL NO! what are you thinking!? EXERCISE! starvation is not an option. please dont do it. the nutrients your body needs is not in 400 calories a day and if you dont give your body its nutrional needs than you can weaken your immune system and allow yourself to become more open to illness. and if your body does not have the strength to fight off the illness because of your stupid idea then you could die.

    and what is this 70 lbs for? if it is someone or something that requires you to be at a certain weight then shame on you for not preparing earlier or that person has no care for your health whatsoever.

  11. greg said :

    1.Don’t take pills, because some of tham may have side effects.
    2.Healthy diet plan – that is crucial
    3.Sport – excercies

    That is 100% proven


  12. Smile said :

    Go ahead eat cheat food, but only for flavor. There are many things which you have to avoid from your diet but which you may have an undying craving for. Do not avoid them altogether. You could call them cheat foods and indulge in them once in a while. But take care just to tingle your taste buds, don’t hog on them. Instead of that share them with others. In this way

  13. Hello said :

    Watch your fat intake. Each fat gram contains 9 calories so by reading the total calories on a food and knowing the quantity of fat, you can estimate the % of fat, which should in no way exceed 30% of the food.

  14. Dfd said :

    Go easy on salt, as too much salt is one of the causes of obesity. Make it a point to really cut down on salt. Try to bring down your salt intake to half of what it was last year.


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