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Can you lose weight fast by only eating fruit and drinking water?

I mean if you’d eat enough fruit, vegetables, and fish and drink only water so you’d still have 1200 calories, then would you lose weight fast? and.. healthy, sort of? I mean without having your metabolism
slow down?

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2 Responses to “Can you lose weight fast by only eating fruit and drinking water?”

  1. michiganmegan83 said :

    Fruit have carbs, you still need some protein or your body will start storing it, making it harder to shrink your fat cells. So if you eat fish you might be ok. just make sure you eat enough calories to sustain your energy level during the day, digest your food and then you can eat less and burn calories to drop off some pounds.

  2. flea said :

    Well depending on your weight now, you will lose weight. But if your fairly skinny now and only eat fruit, it will be harder to get the weight off because of the sugar content in the fruit. Vegetables might be a better option for losing weight, or a balance of both.


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