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How can i lose weight fast? I am excercising an hour a day an eating all healthy, and only drink water.?

Is there anything else i can do to help my diet?
I play soccer and when i dont have practice i excercise at home. Im not on vitamins or anything im just eating healthy many vegetables. How many pounds should i lose per week?

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8 Responses to “How can i lose weight fast? I am excercising an hour a day an eating all healthy, and only drink water.?”

  1. JavaJoe said :

    You can’t lose weight fast without consequences.

    Slow and steady wins the race. No more than 2 pounds a week and you’ll keep it off.

  2. chanmckinlay said :

    Studies have shown that you need to exercise at the right level. If your lactic acid levels go tooo high then the body stops burning fat and burns muscle and that defeats the purpose of losing weight.
    The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to do it slowly. Massive weight losses in small amount of time results in not maintaing the weightloss and regaining the weight loss plus more.

  3. Amanda J said :

    are you eating fewer calories than you are burning? Because even if you’re eating healthy, you don’t lose weight if you’re eating more calories than you’re burning.

    You’re probably losing more weight than you think.

  4. h4hemant69 said :

    take more water and add more roughage to your diet
    like cabbage salad etc.
    take some honey with lime water in morning that will help you alot

  5. Scissor mEh timbErs said :

    eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, don’t limit yourself to just water to drink, its ok to have juice and stuff. I’d say stay away from fatty foods, and it depends on the exercising you’re doing but anything that gets your cardio up will help a lot. Personally I like running and playing a sport that involves running. there’s no “quick fix” for weight thats healthy. just eat right and exercise and youll lose it and keep it off. hope this helps

  6. Chantal D said :

    if your exersising its possible to gain weight but loose inches
    you shouldnt be so caught up on weight, but more how your body looks
    ….. but if you really want to dont eat? and take vitamins? works fer me… but than you’ll gain it all back when you do start eating

  7. fevb said :

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  8. Tiberiu B said :

    My answer/// you should run 1: 1 and a half hour every day
    But you must to be very serious with yourself . I don’t like very fat person.How do you like soccer?


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