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what is better and faster to lose weight: juice fast or fruit only diet?

i need to lose 20 lbs in 20-27 days. im planning on alternate water fast and juice fast tomorrow. however it thought maybe FRUIT-ONLY diet will work better than juice fast. pls help

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13 Responses to “what is better and faster to lose weight: juice fast or fruit only diet?”

  1. vdiva1988 said :

    do the water and fruit one.

  2. Me said :

    Is that healthy?

  3. AlmondJoey said :

    1. Dress in 3 layers of sweats.
    2. Strap on some ankle and wrist weights.
    3. Find a steep, long hill.
    4. Jog for as long as you can.
    5. Repeat until you have attained your goal.

  4. Baylee M said :

    not for sure but i would say fruit only diet. Juice has a lot of added sugar. Thats not good.

  5. Stina84 said :

    If juice fast is a nem brand somewhere in this world, be careful whats in the ingredients. Eatting fruit is probably better because its all natural.
    Anything packaged is usually high in preservatives, and sugars that are not needed. And juice that isnt ALL NATURAL 99.9% of the time has a high sugar content that is BAD for losing weight.
    Stick to just fruit and water.
    But I would consult a physician before doing this diet, it may not be healthy for your system.
    Doing something drastic like this to your body could cause problems.

  6. California_Girl said :

    i prefer the fruit diet b cuz friuts r healthy and they fill u up
    but don’t me asking this question? isn’t that a lot of weight in a little time? it could b unhealthy so u might wanna check with a doctor and don’t satrve yourself

  7. lala y said :

    water and fruit… but wouldn’t it be better to just cut down food rather than not eat any at all??? please don’t starve yourself!

  8. uncare_bear said :

    Fruit only would be your best bet. The other options you present are basically starvation. When you deprive your body of nutrient value, it begins to store/ ration the existing nutrients in your body. In other words, your metabolism slows down. A slower metabolism ultimately results in you gaining more weight.

  9. Pineapple Willy said :

    me:yep only eat fruit for years.

    me: it prevents scurvy YARRRR we do not want scurvy eh?

    me: yarggg get back to work, ya pauper!!! im not payin’ yee for nothing

    you: but ur not payin’ me at all

    me: your never gettin’ me doubloons!!!

    you: but “my fingers hurt”


    you:noo…blurb blurb blurbbbb.

  10. jon_mac_usa said :

    Fruit is loaded with sugars

  11. Voice Of Experience said :

    Neither one is going to help you lose any serious weight. What you’ll lose here is water and muscle tissue and you’ll end up gaining that back as soon as you eat something…and as soon as your body figures out that you’re starving it will slow down your metabolism to hold on to the fat as a last resort fuel to keep you alive. So in the end..all you’ll be is hungry and your body fat percentage will actually increase and your metabolism will be so messed up that you won’t be able to lose weight on a 100 calories a day…good luck

  12. Christina9999 said :

    Sorry, neither will work. You’ll be in the hospital before you lose even 10 pounds.

  13. fevb said :

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