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Can i lose weight on a fruit juice diet?

If i drink just, Tropicana (no additives) or Copella (no additives), just pure fruit juice, will i lose weight?

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2 Responses to “Can i lose weight on a fruit juice diet?”

  1. Nurse Kate (RN/BSN) said :

    YES, because you will be starving your body of the vitamins, nutrients, fat and calories it needs! This is NOT healthy. Also, this much acidic juice will harm you teeth and could cause heartburn. I do not agree with this diet plan at all. Its starvation+ fruit juice. It will slow your metabolism a lot causing you to gain weight when you finish the starvation. I’m not trying to boss you around hon, I just want you to know that this really is not good for you. I hope you chose to start eating healthy meals and doing more physical activity. 🙂

  2. said :

    well actually even natural fruits contain sugar + for a healthy diet you need to eat something from each food group daily, more vegetables & protein though. My advice would be not to limit yourself to just fruits, i don’t think that would be healthy


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