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Water and Lemon, Can it help you lose some weight?

I’ve recently started drinking water with half of a lemon of juice,
I eat whatever i normally eat I just add the lemon water to my daily diet,

Could this help me lose weight?

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3 Responses to “Water and Lemon, Can it help you lose some weight?”

  1. devika1008 said :

    Good for you! It’s well known that water and lemon help with weight loss and clear skin. Lemon detoxifies the body as well so you are doing a positive thing for yourself!

    Benefits of lemon water:

  2. Barry said :

    Do you know anyone who has lost weight by drinking water with lemon juice? In my opinion, it is worth a try! People often add the juice of half a lemon and drink it with a couple glasses of water first thing in the morning. It is alkalizing which may help with weight loss. There are no magic bullets, although I know that is what most people are looking for in terms of weight loss. I suggest short term pessimism and long-term optimism. Be persistent and know that you will lose the weight!

    Thinking that just doing one thing is going to make all the difference is just part of the picture. Sure, proper hydration is key to weight loss and adding lemon definitely makes drinking water more enjoyable. Perhaps you need higher quality water in the first place that tastes better so adding the lemon is just the icing on the cake, per se.

    The emotions stored in you fat can also be stored in your water! Crazy huh?

  3. Holly Day said :

    I think that drinking water (not in excess of course) is always a good idea as it helps the metabolism. I honestly can’t say that I’ve heard of the lemon doing much good but I wish you all the best. I have come across weight loss exercise regimes that claim to have amazing results but haven’t tried them myself. The before and after pics certainly look impressive though.


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