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will i lose weight on this diet?

i am aware that is not the healthiest diet, it is low in fruit and veg but i have a lot of weight that i need to lose and i have a big problem with binge and emotional eating which is hard for me to beat, i want to do a diet like this just for a couple of weeks to get me started. if i could just get the first stone(14 lbs) out of the way I will switch to a healthy well balanced diet.

Breakfast: cereal (low sugar) with skimmed milk, orange juice

Lunch: 2egg omelette with veg or a vegetarian burger with salad (no bun)

afternoon: low fat yogurt and stewed rhubarb

Dinner: 2 slices toast with sugar free fruit spread (i can’t eat much else at this time cos lately i don’t have much of an appetite)

supper: chopped strawberries and apple (i’m trying my best to include fruit!)

I don’t know how much exercise i’ll get in because i have very low energy (due to drepression) but i’ll try for 30 mins 4 times a week.
btw i am currently at my heaviest, 250lbs/18 stone so how much weight do you think i would lose in the first month if i stick to this religiously?

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7 Responses to “will i lose weight on this diet?”

  1. Bambi said :

    I wouldn’t eat the veggie burger-they’re fatty. I don’t think you should eat the same thing each day. Sure, stick to things around that type of food, but some research shows that you can sometimes lose weight by eating different things each day!! (i read this on a website i don’t know if it’s 100 percent true yet)
    30 mins 4 times a week should be plenty of excersise but only if you stick to that routine and not cancel it at all.

  2. Elena said :

    You should trade the orange juice in the morning for a real orange. It is more nutritious and will probably have less calories. Trade the 2 egg omelette for a 1 egg plus 2 egg whites omelette. Less calories, more protien. But yeah, you will probably lose weight doing this.

  3. melstar said :

    Im a dancer so my diet plan is a lot different then this however i recomend u to have a look at this website which i found really helpfull ( i’ve pasted it below) x if you reduce your intake of calories by round 500 kls less a day you will ( safely) loose weight at a steady pace. If u have low energy levels try exercising in short bursts, go for a brisk walk, take the stairs instead of a lift and build it up from there x good luck

  4. Lee said :

    lots of fat in omelet. I have lost quite a bit in the last year. I choose low fat options and keep track of calories in a diary. If your taking in less calories than your using then you will lose weight. As for exercise i bought EA active on the wii, short workouts but they make a difference. This time last year i had a 40 inch waist now my tummy is flat. I suffer depression too but 30 min exercise in morning makes me feel a bit better.

  5. aeroqueen said :

    Try eating tiny amounts often, like 6 or 7 meals per day. Each meal should be low fat, low sugar, low salt. A banana and an apple is one meal, a tiny tin of tuna is on e meal, a hard boiled egg, another, high fibre cereal with low fat milk, lean protein and veggies or salad. Eat as much as the size of your paml, and if you’re still hungry in half an hour eat a little bit more. Drink lots of water. This method of esting will speed up your metabolism into a fat burning machine.
    Try interval training 5 or 6 days per week for 30-40 minutes, alternating between 3 or 4 minutes cardio and 3 or 4 minutes weight work.

  6. Katie said :

    well, i wouldn’t exactly quit eating meat altogether. even though red meat is unhealthy, there are other options. a rely popular idea is a grilled chicken ‘burger’. having 2 eggs a day is very unhealthy, no matter how low calorie eggs are. would you rather be a skinny person with heart problems? in case you dont know, the yolk in eggs lead to hypertension, (high blood pressure), and can lead to a heart attack. instead, think of having grilled chicken, a slice of tomato, lettuce, and even a piece of low fat cheese. you dont have to have the salad, but if your still hungry make sure its either plain or use about a teaspoon of vinaigrette salad dressing. dont use ranch or thousand island. one teaspoon of ranch contains about 140 calories or more. unless the juice you picked is 100% natural and contains pulp, i recommend a banana, apple, or orange. the best choice is grapefruit. also, drink at least 6-8 glasses of water per day. add a bit of lemon juice or cranberry juice for flavor. berries are a great snack! as in blueberries, mulberries, cranberries, black or raspberries. yes, you should really switch up your menu each day. its kind of like exersize. if you excersize every day, say like run 2 miles per day, your body will eventually get used to it and stop burning that extra fat. a great idea i just found the other day is freeze your left over fruit. cold things increase your metabolism, and makes you eat slower. besides all of this, other healthy meats would be turkey, tuna which i enjoy with crackers or wheat bread, chicken, or ham. i really hope i helped you because i have struggled with weight problems and an binging disorder for years before. researching on health things has helped me greatly! 🙂

  7. L-F-x said :

    You Will Lose Weight With This
    I Think The More You Weigh The More You Burn When Exercising
    Check The Calories In Everything You Eat, If You Don’t Know How Many Is In It Dont Put It In Your Mouth
    I You Eat 1500 Kcal A Day You Should Lose At Least 1 Pound A Week ( At Least). 3500 Kcal = 1 Pound
    Its Definately A Good Idea To Start With 30 Mins Exercise 4 Times A Week And Gradually Build It Up (when you feel it getting easier)
    The Trick Is To Stick With It No Matter How Disheartened You Might Get, Its Not An Over Night Thing
    Maybe Try Muesli For Breakfast, That Way You Get More Fruit
    Hope This Helped, Good Luck

    I Almost Forgot A Glass Of Cranberry Juice, It Helps Clear The System, And Lots Of Water


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