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Meal plans to diet lose weight fast?

Im 24 5f6 and 14 stone (I put on about 4 stone when I was pregnant and havnt been able to lose it) I am quite good at eating lots of fresh fruit and veg but I just need a diet meal plan or a rough guide of what I should/shouldnt be eating to lose weight. I want to lose about 5lbs a week. I have an exercise bike at home and go swimming once a week but I cant go to the gym alot as I have no one to look after little one.
If anyone can give me a little help on what to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner to lose weight, id appreciate your help 😉


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6 Responses to “Meal plans to diet lose weight fast?”

  1. ♥ Jodes ♥ said :

    Eat sensibly, go for walks regularly, drink plently of water and eat fruit.

    All i can say really 🙂

    Answer mine? 🙂

  2. lauren4ethan said :

    obviously excericise is crucial 🙂
    but a little while ago i became a vegiterain, might not sound great but i actually lost quite a bit of wieght as due to my hunger was eating alot more fruit and veg 😀 you could give this a try 🙂

  3. sur said :

    If you are serious about losing weight, have a look at the list of sites.


    Good luck 🙂

  4. Jeff of the 140 IQ ;-) said :

    5 pounds per week is an awful lot to lose. It can be done, but is very unhealthy. It would require a starvation diet and exercise – two things that don’t go well together. A healthier goal is 1-2 pounds per week. Not what you wanted to hear, I know, but it is healthier. Think of it this way, the “average” person burns about 14,000 calories per week. That’s about 4 pounds worth of calories. So to lose 5 pounds per week, you would have to eat nothing and burn about 2500 calories per day – or about 500 calories more than the average person per day. You would simply be setting yourself up for discouragement, frustration, and possibly a trip to the hospital.

    Set your daily caloric goal for 1300-1500 calories per day. This gives your body the energy it needs to function and can still translate into 1-2 pounds per week. Since you are already eating heavy on the fruits and veggies, I’d just recommend watching out for refined sugars and grains. Shoot for 5-6 meals at about 250 calories each.

    As for exercise, stretch for 5 minutes or so, making sure you get all the muscle groups. Then do some sit-ups, pushups, knee bends, and the like. Then hop on that exercise bike for 30 minutes or more. Make sure you get your heart pumping. The more you ride, the more calories you will burn – and the longer afterwards you will burn them. Also, walking is good. On nice days, put the kid in a stroller and go for a nice long walk. Normally, walking burns about 100 calories per mile, but you can add a few calories to the the amount burned if you are pushing something. Plus, it’ll get the child outside for some fresh air as well.

    And have a positive attitude. That, as much as anything else, can help you reach your goal. Good luck.

  5. Kiley K said :

    Here is some thing which will be gives you a 100% result to reduce your fat don’t worry the Acai Berry is a natural product this one is proven by the doctor’s that using of Acai Berry to loss weight is really effective. There is no any side effect.

  6. han87 said :


    BREAKFAST- Porridge with fruit chopped on the top or raisens and dried apricots mixed in. I like porridge with raisens. have a small bowlful, dont go over the top.

    This is great because it will keep you full until lunch as it slowly releases energy to your body throughout the morning.

    OR you could have, a fruit smoothie (bananes strawberries blended together with Soya milk). Try to avoid dairy milk for a while.

    If you HAVE to snack then eat cherry tomatoes dipped in humous with some ryvita – its soo tasty!

    Make sure you’re not snacking just because your bored or anything.

    LUNCH – Sweet potatoe (counts as one of your 5 a day whilst normal potatoes dont, so makes sense to have sweet potatoe instead of normal ones). Have NO butter on the potatoe, instead eat with small amount of tuna and some sweetcorn. Eat with huge salad (lettuce, grated carrot, tomatoe, cucumber with light mayo or light salad cream.

    Pitta breads – stuffed with greated cheese & grated carrot mixed together with light mayo and mix in some raisens too.

    A fish fillet such as cod, salmon, tuna, haddock – with new potatoes (about 3), with huge salad and sweetcorn.


    Chicken and veg stirfy ( lean chicken pieces, stirfried in small amount of olive oil) Marinate the chicken in spices and oils to make taste nice.

    chop up carrot into matchsticks, sweetcorn, mushroom sliced, broccoli florets cut up small,red peppers, peas, with noodles. (no sauce) you could add small amount of soy sauce if you needed some added taste.


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