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Does slim fast help you lose weight if your also working about 5 or more times a week?

I’ve been taking slim fast for a couple of weeks and also working out almost everyday, sometimes I skip a couple of days but I go atleast four five times a week. I’m hoping to lose weight! Does slim fast really work though? It says you can snack while on the diet so I’ve been eating about three nutri grain bars a day and the shakes and dinner. Is there another way you can lose weight faster?

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2 Responses to “Does slim fast help you lose weight if your also working about 5 or more times a week?”

  1. Chrona said :

    hey… janet here.. hopefully my own personally story can be of some guidance/help to you..

    I’m 5’8 and at the time I was about 220 lbs.. and was trying real hard to lose weight for almost 8 months… i just had a baby girl at the time.. and during my pregnancy i gained a tonnnn of weight and much of it stuck with me after she was born, and the hubby began getting on my case and bothering me non stop about my new weight problem… so after a few months of that, it really started getting to me, plus summer was about to get here- and i love the beach! So i decided to try and do something about it…

    ive since tried almost every diet system out there… the standard eat less-exercise more change lifestyle diet, south beach, atkins, slimfast, acai berry, weight watchers, etc… I also tried taking many different weight loss supplements.. and overall nothing has really worked well for me…. But i came across this diet program >> .. which a couple of my girlfriends put me onto, and it worked amazing for me like nothing else has.

    Right now I’m only 180 lbs.. I’m still overweight but I’ve already lost 40 pounds and I’m well on my way to my goal of 160 lbs.. I hope i was of some help.. I wish you all the best of luck!

  2. Nottoldthe said :

    You can find: How to lose 2 pounds a week?
    I believe that weight loss always starts from mindset. This is the reason why i am able to lose 15kg in 2 months and maintain for 3 years straight, all the way till my pregnancy.

    1) What is my goal? I want to lose __kg in __ time.
    2) Why do I want to achieve this goal? (if possible, come up with 50 reasons)
    3) If I do not achieve it, what pains will I have? (come up with as many reasons as possible)
    4) If I achieve it, what happiness will I have? (come up with as many reasons as possible)
    5) What will happen to me if I continue my current situation for the next 10 years?
    6) Then when do I want to take action?

    Some solutions I can offer you for diet:
    Breakfast: eat fruits/drink fruit juice
    Lunch: Less carbo, more veg and fruits, less seafood, meat and eggs
    Dinner: Same as lunch but no solid food after 8pm. Soups are great dinners

    If you want to exercise to enhance the speed of weight loss. Go for some light jogging or do something you enjoy like an aerobic class or kick boxing class…

    Hope this can help u. 🙂


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