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How can I help my friend lose weight fast, shes about 270lbs 5’4?

Hey Everybody, am trying to help my friend lose weight by next year this time for her to be thin, her weight is around 270lbs i think, and she’s 5’4 whats the best way she can lose weight in a fast way. That’s not something you pay for, like the right food to eat and like a work out routine she asked me to help and i”d love to be able to help her out. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “How can I help my friend lose weight fast, shes about 270lbs 5’4?”

  1. Stephanie said :

    i really cant give you an answer, since im trying to loose weight too, but you’re a good friend for helping her =]

  2. stacy hadu said :

    I used ephedra pills to lose excessive weight in a hurry. Yes, they could give you a heart attack if they are abused but with ephedra you don’t have to exercise or avoid your favorite foods. If you used ephedra and exercised and ate properly the weight could come off alot sooner though. I lost 127 pounds and my end weight was 147. Do the math, I lost a whole person in a under a year. Recently I’ve been trying to find ephedra pills again because stress has made me big again and I know they work. The brand I had is no longer available but if they were I’d buy a whole lot of them. They were called MetaBlast available through Puritan’s Pride. They have a website.

  3. kaitlyne said :

    It’s great that your friend has someone there to help out and be supportive. Obviously, the way to lose weight is to take in fewer calories than you burn. And losing weight over a year’s time is a good, decent goal. Most nutritionists say that it’s healthy to lose a pound or two a week.

    My first suggestion would be to speak to a nutritionist. They can help determine how many calories she needs, what sort of food to eat, and make sure she’s doing it in a healthy way. From my experience, an obvious place to start is to replace sodas with something more healthy (water, for instance, or green tea is a GREAT switch, but make sure it’s real green tea (the ingredients should read tea leaves and water) because much of what is sold in America is loaded with sugar). Cut back on sweets. A great way to do this is to switch them with fruit. Honestly, after a month or two of eating less sugar, you start to find very sugary things too rich. Another good switch is to eat plain yogurt (I like to buy no sugar added) and mix in some fresh fruit and a spoonful of sugar yourself. Also, obviously watch portion sizes and cut out fast food.

    Another great thing to do to help your friend out is to exercise with her. It’s really helpful to have an exercise buddy. It helps with motivation and support and makes it more fun. If she doesn’t get much exercise now, I would suggest starting out with daily walks. Try to make it somewhat fast-paced. Biking or swimming would also be good. I know many people who complain that if you are overweight it’s difficult to exercise, but if she starts out by doing these sorts of low-impact activities, then she’ll start to build up more endurance and losing weight will make higher-impact activities easier. I would also suggest joining a class. It’s easier to do something that’s individual, in my opinion, because you can focus on your own improvement at your own pace. Something like martial arts or yoga are great. Try to find something interesting and fun that you two can do together. If you enjoy it, you’ll keep going back and it doesn’t seem like a chore. Also, encourage her not to be self-conscious or worry about not being good at something in the beginning. No one is ever good when they start, and I know a lot of people are discouraged easily by this, but just keep at it, be encouraging, and work hard together.

    Hopefully this helps. Your friend is lucky to have someone willing to support her in this.

  4. Jeff77 said :

    I found a diet that actually works and is workable too.

    Instead of counting calories, or measuring portions, you trick your sluggish metabolism into overdrive with weird combination’s of food.

    You might have roast beef deli slices and skim milk, or boiled eggs and peanuts.

    You can have ALL YOU WANT of these foods at the prescribed time, just don’t eat until you feel like you are going to pop. You eat until you feel satisfied and comfortable.

    You pick the foods on your diet in a diet generator program.

    You eat every 2 1/2 hours; and you eat four meals, not three.

    Check it out here!

    Good luck, and let me know how it goes! 🙂



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