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How much weight could I lose with this extreme diet?

Im 13, 5’3, and 112 lbs. I want to lose weight before i go on vacation in 10 days. I am going to reduce my 2000 calorie diet to 500 calories. I am going to do this for 10 days, so how many pounds am I going to lose?

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3 Responses to “How much weight could I lose with this extreme diet?”

  1. artwanderer said :

    uh-oh not a good decision there missy. if you plan on going down to 500 calories your metabolism will slow down big time,
    and that means you will gain weight faster once you start eating higher calories,
    which im guessing you will more during your vacation.
    trust me, don’t crash diet, i did it a while back
    and i wish someone told me not to because my eating habits are totally messed up right now.
    i can’t even eat a slice of pie with out gaining weight.

  2. mumaka said :

    I used to do this and I lost a stone. I was 5ft 2 and 124lb. You are thinner than I was so you might only lose 5 or 6lb. You lose most of it in water and only 1 or 2lb of fat. But 1 kilo of fat is a few packs of butter isn’t it. Also I ate approx 850 calories not 500 except for the first day. I ate fruit in the morning + reasonable sized low fat lunch and chicken and vegetables for supper with sugar free jelly with fruit in it. I did not eat anything after 6.30 except for a piece of fruit if I was hungry. I would eat a few sweets if I needed some sugar- something like tic tacs.

    The best way to do it is to eat fruit and nuts( raw not roasted and without salt). They have high calories but if you eat only fat it makes you burn fat and eat fruit in between. ( you can’t eat peanuts – it has to be an exotic mix – brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts cashews, hazel nuts, w with raisins and apricot pieces or something like this. also it’s better if it doesn’t have too much dried fruit in it to encourage burning the fat in the nuts. You won’t be hungry eating these. If you do this you can’t eat any other fat at all. They have low mass so make you lose water. You get a nice “burn” going and it just keeps going so you can excercise and run around and burn more energy without feeling tired even though you are not eating much.

    The calories don’t determine how much weight you use. It’s the way you use the food and the type of food. Healthy food containing fat that doesn’t look fatty is good for you. If you look at the nuts they look like hard vegetables and are not greasy.

    An alternative to nuts if you don’t like them is avocado. It has lots of fat but again the type that you burn. you can eat lots of avocados in a day and still lose weight if you don’t eat other fat.

  3. Soon Spiro said :

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