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Can I have a diet of fruit, vegetables and water and lose weight?

Just wondering! Oh, and would rice cakes be ok? (Without anything on them.)
I live in London so does anyone know if Holland and Barrett sell Acai berries or juice?

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7 Responses to “Can I have a diet of fruit, vegetables and water and lose weight?”

  1. Hannah said :

    i lost about 20 pounds in the last 6 weeks by using this acai x3 stuff. so, mb i didn’t really believe that it would work but they were giving out free trials online so i decided to try it and it actually works. It does some kind of chemical change in your body that changes the intake of your calories or something along those lines. if your interested, you can go to to find out more information and if you want get a free trial. it really helped me out.

  2. mad said :

    You would be lacking some essential nutrients (e.g. protein, fat, carbohydrates,calcium) and could make yourself ill. Just have a sensible, balanced diet – faddy diets may work in the short term, but at a cost, and in the long term the weight will just go back on.

  3. MISS M said :

    You should be having fruit, water and vegetables everyday to keep healthy. If you want to loose weight, simply exercise, take a walk, running is more effective, you will watch the weight drop off and get the size you want. Your normal eating habits should be healthy, always drink water and eat fruits, this should be a part of your normal day to day meals.
    Exercise, I know it sounds boring, but it takes excess weight off and keeps it off.

  4. emmma, :] said :

    you’ll lose weight
    but put it all back unfortunately

    eat between 1,200-1,500 calories a day, on healthy things! fruits, wholegrains, brown breads, low fat yoghurts, cereal fibre bars, benefit bars, vegetables, and when you want a treat, have a pot of hartleys 10cal jelly! or a pink’n’white wafer with marshmellow at 50 calories!
    sweet treats :]
    get atleast 30 minutes of high intensity cardio workout daily
    you’ll be well on your way

    dont use diet pills!
    waste of money completley, on the off chance that it does work, as soon as you stop taking them youll pile on the pounds and then some!
    not worth it

  5. MonMac said :

    Diet of fruits, vegetables and water – good idea. Rice cake? you can eat it too provided you eat only a small portion. It’s really the calorie count that matters. You lose weight by burning off more calories than what you consume or, consume less than what you expend. Here’s an advice:

    Eat a healthy breakfast and don’t skip it. Eating a healthy breakfast would jump-start your day, give you energy and can help you eat in moderation at lunch and dinner. A high-fiber, low-fat breakfast may make a major contribution to a total reduced food intake for the day.

    Losing weight is simply a matter of limiting calories consumed and burning off more calories with exercise and daily activities. To lose weight, it helps to know how many calories you are consuming in a day.

    Also, eating more of “Negative Calorie Foods” is great way to lose weight.

    Check out It has an article on “Negative Calorie Foods”
    To monitor your calorie consumption and daily activity,

  6. Eugene said :

    I just started taking the Acai Berry about a week ago and I’ve lose about 6 lbs. You might want to check it out. I got a free trial from

  7. Can I have a diet of fruit, vegetables and water and lose weight | Weight Loss Inside said :

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