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How’s my diet? Will i lose weight?

ok at the moment im really greedy and eat too much and i do nothing no i decided that TOMORROW (monday) i’m gonna start a whole new diet and lose weight and keep it off. tell me what you think! :
morning : special k cereal with juice
mid-morning: a piece of fruit and juice OR ham sandwich and juice/water
lunch: fish and vegetables or soup or sandwiches and juice/water
dinner: soup or fruit or vegetables and fish or chicken.. (light meal).
exercise: 2-3 times a week i dance with my sister-in-law (it’s high-energetic dancing like hip-hop r&b dance etc) let me just tell u we really sweat alot doing that lol ~~
Will i lose weight?
at the moment i am about 65 kg (10.2 STONE; 143.3 POUNDS.) I want to lose at least 3 to 5 kilos and whatever it takes to lose my fat belly.. by the way i am about 5ft 4
please help!! will i lose weight?? how long will it take aprox.??

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6 Responses to “How’s my diet? Will i lose weight?”

  1. Kelly said :

    sounds good but you should have a cheat day once a week where you eat anything, otherwise you probably won’t last long on this diet. it’ll take a few months. good luck btw

  2. Annie May said :

    the meals are spot on! fantasic balance too, but a ully grown adult must have five hours of exersize a week so just increase with 2 more hours of excersize, it doesent have to be intesnse, perhaps you could take a walk?

  3. ronald575715 said :

    Exercise every day ,not just a couple of times a week/.and control your eating and drinking.Suggest you try a weight watchers club who will supply you with diet sheets etc…

  4. spottedleafwarrior8 said :

    no juice! the sugar is really bad for you!

  5. Quinn said :

    lose the bread, pasta and potatoes and do the rest, but try to excercise before you eat in the evening and when your at your most tired, you will burn off more.

  6. chlobo12388 said :

    Most diets at the end of the day come down to calorie intake. so with the juice make sure its no added sugar and try wafer thin ham in your sandwich, and dont spread on loads of butter either.. flora light is a good one to use or none atall ofcourse. i did a diet that was mainly things like fish, chicken, vegetable and soups and salads. my calorie intake was about 1,200 kcal and doing excercise about the same as you and i lost 6lbs in my first week but i think it just depends on you personally.


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