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how to lose weight fast on negative calorie diet?

I am considering losing weight on the negative calorie diet in combination with exercise. Ive seen the list of negative cal. foods and want to know can these be cooked and still work? Where can I go for more FREE information. I want to lost 30-40 pounds in 30 days or less.

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4 Responses to “how to lose weight fast on negative calorie diet?”

  1. Charlie C said :

    no. Watch Dr Oz and/or go to his website. He is the authority on this. You need to maintain a steady level of calories, but eat a quality diet, no sugar, low fat, low sodium.

  2. travmh28 said :

    It’s probably best to stick with Microwavable foods. Most are very healthy including weight watchers or healthy choice.

  3. Summer said :

    That’s a lot of weight to lose quickly.

    You’d need to eat ~3500 cals under maintenance to lose weight that fast which means if you didn’t eat (at all) and worked out for the 30 days it’d be possible. A goal of ~2lbs a week is more reasonable. Just eat ~1000 cals under maintenance with some exercise and the pounds will come off.

  4. cmjax02 said :

    You have to have some calories.. a negative cal diet will cause your muscles to break down because they have no energy to build new mass and you can become anemic which is a serious thing.. Excersise and make wise choices when eating.. its all about balance


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