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How fast did you lose weight on the low carb diet?

So I am getting married next year, and I have wanted to lose weight for awhile, and have tried a million things. My mom has been trying to get me to do the low carb thing, which sounds hard, but she has gotten great results. I just started today, and I am optimistic. I was just curious to see how people lost weight on it, and how fast you did? How much did you lose? Any good recipes that might curb cravings for carbs? Thanks to all of you!

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9 Responses to “How fast did you lose weight on the low carb diet?”

  1. Naima Campbell said :

    If I had a nickle for every time I was asked this question…
    Carbohydrates are ESSENTIAL. They are the only 724864_0 source of energy for the brain. You need 130 grams of carbs per day for the brain to work properly. Also, you can not burn fat without carbs. Your diet should consist of 45-65% of calories from carbs, 20-35% of calories from protein and 20-35% of calories from fat. The types of fat should be mono and polyunsaturated because these have greater health benefits. Less than 10% of your fats should come from 724864_1 saturated fats. Carbs are needed for energy. Without them your body will use your protein before it will use your fat because it takes more energy to burn fat and fat is a much better energy source then protien and the body wants to conserve it for periods of starvation.
    If you have any other questions feel free to email me at gmrw88@yahooI am a Fitness Specialist/Nutritionist

    You can also check this video below about losing weight, I’m convinced It will assist you as well since it also helped me in losing weight. It is very effectual and very fast result.

  2. KIRKUK said :

    carbs are NOT essential and you CAN burn fat without ANY in your body but you don’t have to eliminate them ,just reduce to 30 – 50 grams a day of great green veg ,mushrooms,green salads etc as I and the MANY millions of people around the world do so on a daily basis and lose the storage fat / weight REALLY fast…
    btw ,my BF% is only 4 – 5 % from using the above plan + boxing ,lifting weights..

  3. Anon said :

    Personally, I lasted about a week on it and I lost 4 kgs which was probably water weight since it dropped off so fast.

    When you start to diet your body generally continues to burn up mostly carbs for energy. Only when carbohydrate stores become low do you start to burn a significant amount of fat and burning fat leads to the type of weight loss you want.

    Be dedicated. If you eat a carb-rich meal, unfortunately, your carb stores get topped up again and you stop burning a lot of fat and you go back to burning mostly carbs. That slows down the whole weight loss process.

    You should combine your diet with exercises. They don’t even have to be hard exercises. You can start off with walking your dog or something like that.

    Some meal suggestions are,
    – Grilled marinated chicken breast with fresh salad of lettuce, spring onions, capsicum, tomatoes, etc.

    – Steak and mushrooms with steamed vegetables

    – Stir fried chicken and vegetables including broccoli, bok choy, red capsicum, water chestnuts nd bean shoots.

    – Spanish omelette (2 eggs, cheese, diced tomato, diced onion) with bacon and salad

    – A tin of tuna or salad and garden salad with dressing.

    Hope this info helped you! Don’t give up.

  4. . said :

    changing your diet to only healthy foods is the best thing you can do and will ensure you will lose weight if combine with walking everyday especially.

    you can eat how much you like if you stay within these 3 guidelines and still lose fat naturally and gradually. You should lose 10lbs each month on average. only steamed lean meats, eggs, healthy fruits ,vegetables, nuts, grains, & yogurt..2. drink only water, juice, & milk..3. walk or do some physical exercise 1-3 hour every day.

    (btw, recommend you also to buy an electronic food steamer ((Very cheap)) and a rice cooker as makes it very easy to prepare healthy meals ,,add a bit of olive oil and pepper, spices on top of steamed vegeatables, fish or chicken to add more taste if wish as these are healthy too.)

  5. Cindy in Texas said :

    Weight loss depends on metabolic resistance. If your body has a low metabolic resistance you will lose more weight in 14 days than if your body has a high metabolic resistance. You can determine your metabolic resistance either being high, average, or low after 14 days of following the Induction Phase. Here is a list of the Degrees of Metabolic Resistance:

    Pounds you have to lose: – High Average Low Resistance
    Less than 20lbs: ————– 2lbs – 4lbs – 6lbs
    20 – 50lbs: ———————– 3lbs – 6lbs – 9lbs
    Over 50lbs: ———————- 4lbs – 8lbs -12lbs

    You can lose more body fat eating protein & fat (don’t eat protein alone) than not eating AT ALL. To lose weight fast, eat all you want, but nothing but meat, eggs, healthy oils, mayo, butter & half an avocado a day (for added potassium). Keep the calories high & the fat percentage high, at least 65% of calories. Green vegetables & some cheese will continue weight loss but at a slower pace.

    The first 2 weeks eat several cups a day of (mostly) lettuce & celery, cucumbers, radishes, mushrooms, peppers & more variety of vegetables thereafter – add 5 grams per day additional every week (20 grams day first 2 weeks, 25grams 3rd week, 30grams 4th week etc) til you gain weight, then subtract 10grams. That will be your personal carb level (everyone is different & depends on how active you are.)

    Start with meat, fats & salads for 2 weeks and then slowly add in more green veg, wk4 fresh cheeses, wk5 nuts & seeds, wk6 berries, wk7 legumes, wk8 other fruits, wk9 starchy veg, wk10 whole grains. You will learn how your body reacts to different foods.

    The first week is just water weight but fat is lost thereafter if you keep your calories high enough. Otherwise the body will strip it’s own lean tissue for nutrition. Although that may look great on a scale it will make it MUCH easier to accumulate fat in the future (since all that pesky lean tissue burning up calories will be gone). The body won’t release fat stores if you lower calories below what it needs. It will slow metabolism to compensate & store every spare ounce as fat. If you continue lowering calories, it will continue lowering the set point, til it can survive off nothing & store fat on anything. The body will only release it’s fat stores if it knows there is plenty of nutritious food.

    Eating carbs while trying to lose body fat is terribly inefficient. When in glycolysis (burning glucose as fuel) you have to lower your calories (which slows your metabolism) & exercise heavily to deplete your glycogen stores before burning body fat.

    The core of Atkins program is converting the body from glycolysis (burning glucose as fuel) to ketosis (burning fat as fuel). Dietary fat levels need to be at >65% of total calories, if not, the body will still remain in glycolysis by converting 58% of excess protein into glucose (via gluconeogenesis).

    It takes minimum of 3 days to convert a body to ketosis, (but only one bite to convert back to glycolysis). People feel sluggish the first week but most feel better than ever thereafter.

    Carbohydrates (sugar, flour, bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice, beans) trigger insulin (the ONLY fat storage hormone). Protein triggers the fat burning hormone glucagon.

    Simple carbs are addictive & can be disastrous to health. The best way to break the addiction is NO carbs for 3 days. Make a batch of deviled eggs, eat one every time you want “something” – have huge omelets with bacon, sausage, peppers, mushrooms & cheese. Meats smothered with peppers, mushrooms & cheese – pork rinds & dip or tuna/chicken/turkey/egg salad – sugar free cheese cake. Eat so much you won’t feel deprived of anything. By the 4th day, the addiction will be gone & you can start making healthy choices.

    High insulin levels promote inflammation, weight gain, hunger & unbalance other hormones. Controlling insulin levels will balance out other hormones & allow human growth hormone (HGH) to be produced naturally so lean muscle will be gained even without exercise.

    Ground flax seed (2 Tbsp) 1/4 cup water, artificial sweetener, mix in a raw egg – let sit 10 min. to absorb liquid, put some cream cheese in the middle & nuke 2 min for daily fiber needs.

    As long as you have <9grams carbs per hour, you will maintain insulin control & shouldn't gain weight, no matter the calories because insulin, the fat storage hormone is not activated. Most people can return to moderate carb levels but very few can really eat all they want of sugar & maintain weight or health.

  6. Men Lavoie said :

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  9. Cari Mittelstadt said :

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