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would doing a 2 day water fast before starting a diet help me lose weight faster?

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5 Responses to “would doing a 2 day water fast before starting a diet help me lose weight faster?”

  1. xxxsweetheartxxxjessxxx said :

    dont do a 2 day water fast before

    start of light, because thats ahuge rattional decission and that can sometimes cause health problems and pain .

    Just eat healthy mking sure u have ure balanced meal, maybe half the portion size if ure woried about waht ureeating and do exercise like running and swiming, best ones too loose weight 🙂

  2. Aleph said :

    It will help you lose weight faster, but not lose body fat. You can get more information at

    Get an analysis and you will see what I am talking about.

    God Bless!

  3. reys said :

    cut down on foods on foods and replace bad foods with good food, but still eat a little bit of bad food, most people who immediatly go on a diet will fail on it

  4. matthew said :

    this water fast is complete rubbish as if you do it it WILL slow down your metabolism meaning you have to do more to burn off the weight! also you would not lose ANY body fat it would be al water weight and as soon as you have a few glasses of water all this ‘fasting’ will be useless.

    don’t do a water fast for 2 days in fact drink MORE water to speed up your metabolism!

  5. Drop Pounds said :

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