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Would doing the atkins diet for 2 weeks help me lose weight?

Once I’ve lost weight for my holiday, when i get back and want to do a healthy eating and exercise plan WITH carbs, will my metabolism be mucked up from doing the atkins for 2 weeks? or will it be ok cos it was only for 2 weeks

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6 Responses to “Would doing the atkins diet for 2 weeks help me lose weight?”

  1. dat nigga chris said :

    no the atkins diet is dumb; listen to this.

    1) you need carbs to work out, to lose weight.
    2) the atkins diet is meat and no carbs; if you have no carbs, you become sluggish.
    3) then you cannot work out effectively (or at all), and therefore the fat from the meat and other stuff goes to ur bones.
    4) carbs are good; if you work out, they will burn themselves off- ALONG with fat on your body, and help tone and build muscle.

    carbs are only bad if you’re a lazy fatso.

    so look, do THIS, if you want to lose weight:

    eat this for breakfast:

    3 eggs and cereal and water; OR 2 pieces french toast w/ only honey, (or pancakes instaed) and 2 eggs, OJ. (in other words, healthy carbs and protein for breakfast, along with a multivitamin and water/juice!)

    dont eat any kind of pig; thats bad for you. it really is.

    breakfast increases metabolism and instills weight loss. no food from breakfast goes to thighs; it gets burned or crapped out during the day. so its great to eat.

    also to speed up your metabolism, eat spicy peppers (like the yellow ones u see at olive garden) 2-3 times a week, with dinner. eat 2 of them, each time u eat them. never eat them 2 days in a row tho. this speeds it up; TRUST me!

    NEVER WORK OUT B4 U EAT BREAKFAST! sleeping is a fast- breakfast “breaks the fast”. working out then only deteriorates muscle, and slows metabolism, causing fat gains later. this is bcuz muscle burns easier than fat wen ur hungry, and u have no carbs to work out on.

    either work out an hour after breakfast or PREFERABLY an hour after lunch or before dinner, but after a midday healthy snack (powerbar, protein bar, nature valley bar, some kind of bar or something. also eta fruit, a salad, etc.)

    as for workouts, start doing this routine if you want to slim up:

    1) as for food part, do what I said above.
    2) dont eat starting 2 hours b4 u go to bed. (except 1 healthy small snack is actually OK ONCE u start running and workin out)
    3) dont starve ever.

    exercise part:

    1) jog a slow 1/4 mile (one lap) on the treadmill, or around a track.

    2) every day at the start of ur workout, STRETCH every body part good, for 20 seconds. do whole body- for example, even if ur doin legs one day, stretch upper body, neck, abs, etc.

    3) go to a gym, if ur not already there. Then do these routines:
    (every different type, do 3 sets of 17-20. be dead wen ur done with ur set however; more doesnt mean do it “light”.)

    IMPORTANT: for legs do sets of about 17-20 (as mentioned). for upper body DO SETS OF ABOUT 25-30! still be tired. but make it more AEROBICS/FATIGUE than actual hard lifting! this will make it toned but real slim, like it should be.

    Mon, wed, fri (legs)

    leg press
    dumbbell lunges
    leg extension
    leg curl
    calf raise
    leg adduction
    leg abduction
    butt kick-backs
    knee raises (do until failure- rest forearms on that tall thing armrest, knees go up to chest)

    tues, thurs, sat (upper)

    pull ups (or lat pull)
    incline bench
    upright rows
    shoulder shrugs
    shoulder YTL (dumbbells: raise forward, then sideways- u stand up)
    tricep extension
    bicep curl

    after that part of the workout, do 15-20 minutes of ab work every day
    (do: sit-ups, roman chair/incline sit-ups, crunches, oblique crunches, oblique “medicine ball” situps, “elbows and toes”, elbow to knee alternating crunches, get on knees and hold onto wheel and go out then back, lay on ur back hold onto something behind you and raise legs then kick feet to sky, leg raise 6″, etc.)

    alternate about 4 or 5 of those, and do them every day.

    after this part, last thing:

    mon, wed, fri

    run 800m fast runs, 3 of them, with a 6 minute rest inbetween.

    tues, thurs, sat

    go on a 2-3 mile run. do NOT stop no matter what; make sure you’re dead at the end, but pace urself so ur dead but dont have to stop. if ur about to stop, slow down ur jog, but force urself to keep goin. (TAKE THE FIRST COUPLE RUNS SLOW FOR THIS AND FOR THE 800, SO U DONT GET TOO SORE OR TIRED.)

    Do this and you will be slim and sexy.

    Best answer please!

  2. Rudy H said :

    I have been on Atkins for a year. It’s not as drastic as people make it out to be. there are a lot of myths about it. You also need to make sure you’re doing Atkins, not just what you think Atkin’s must be in your opinion. Two weeks is not long enough. You’ll lose weight, but it won’t be “real” or significant. If you think it would be a sacrifice, maybe just eat no junk food, eat less food in general, exercise a bit more. You don’t need to get radical or severe in your approach. i think most of us know why we’re fat ( The F word FAT ) and know what to do about it. Again though, I’m a big fan of Atkins. I was 240 at one point. 175 now. Healthy as a horse. Good luck. Losing weight is always tough.

  3. jessie said :

    Atkins is a good way to kick start a diet, but yes you will gain weight if you go off it suddenly.

  4. richard k said :

    I was on atkins for 2 months, lost a lot of weight which was good, but ended up with kidney stones which was not so good. Could be related,and is not an isolated case according to medicos.

  5. First L said :

    you need a good diet too-I have protein shake for breakfast subway for lunch and for supper I have one of the following 2 tilapia, soup, 2 veggie dogs, or broccoli and I do 30 minutes of cardio and have one cheat day for food an I lost an average of 5 pounds every 2 weeks 75 pounds total and do a total body workout with weights for an hour 3 times a week-cardio I do every day and spicy foods will also help speed up metabolism-remember the more muscle you have the more fat you burn

  6. Angela said :

    Yes it would help you lose weight but if you go back to eating how you just were you’re going to gain it all back. Check out since you’re doing the Atkins. They have a bunch of low carb stuff for a cheap price too.


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