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How fast can you lose weight by only drinking water and diet drinks and eating no food at all?

I know this isn’t healthy. But how fast do you think I could lose weight doing this and how long could I do this without damaging my body?

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11 Responses to “How fast can you lose weight by only drinking water and diet drinks and eating no food at all?”

  1. dcrc93 said :

    you woud prb be sick before you lost it fast enough

  2. Lola said :

    There wouldn’t be any point in this. Sure, you may be thin but you won’t have the energy or strength to show off your body. Your body NEEDS food. There is probably less calories in carrots than there is in those diet drinks you would be drinking…keep that in mind.

  3. Debbie M said :

    Once when I was sick I went for 2 days without eating anything and only drinking gingerale and I lost 5 lbs. I gained the weight back though as soon as I started eating again so really you won’t win if you do it this way. Try doing a healthy diet.

  4. xxangel1246xx said :

    It will take longer for you to lose weight this way because your body will go into starvation mode and hold onto ever little piece of fat it has left. You will end up damaging your body as soon as you start doing it, little by little. I would say that after a week you will really start hurting yourself though.

  5. La lele said :

    Like 5 minutes….haha jk….it’s not safe, but I could understand if you have to cut weight for something (like wrestling or something with weight classes etc.) If you ABSOLUTELY have to, dont go anymore than a day, but you have to eat something, even if its raw vegetables, EAT SOMETHING! Cause you don’t want the rate of your metabolism to crash.
    Be smart about it ok! Good luck (and eat). Also, skipping meals causes you to actually gain weight. because then your body retains what you ingest and stores it as emergency energy (fat).

  6. Kim H said :

    Don’t do it!!!!!
    I know it is tempting and I used to take extreme measures to lose weight all the time. However, I’ve been researching overweight and obesity for the last seven years. What I know for sure from my research is that it is behavior such as what you are talking about can start a weight yo-yo cycle that lasts a lifetime in some cases. If you want to begin exploring your excess weight, instead ask yourself these questions….

    What triggers you to eat when you aren’t hungry?
    Do you eat for emotional reasons? (sadness, happiness, stress, boredom, procrastination, etc.)
    Do you binge eat?
    Do you eat for external reasons (because food is expensive, because other people want you to eat, because it tastes so good, because it is fun, as a reward, etc.)

    The best way to solve your weight problems permanently is to get in touch with your body’s own hunger and fullness cues. I am a personal coach for teens who want to lose weight and help teens figure out what causes them to overeat and how to change these patterns. There is a better way. Please do not start the crazy fad diet cycle. I promise that it is never the best way!!!

    If you’d like to discuss the research that states that only 1 of 99 people who try to lose weight by dieting or other extreme measures will keep the weight off after 10 years and that most gain all the weight back and more by year two, give me a call or shoot me an email. My contact info. is on my site.

    Good luck to you,

    Kim Hiatt, Ph.D.

  7. kyla said :

    quite a bit,
    but its just a lil fad diet..
    itll all come back..
    im not going to say. like everyone else will .. just diet and eat right.

    the only thing you should know with that is it will all come back.
    and yeah unhealthy

  8. Maeve S said :

    It will put you in a starvation mode and you will lose more muscle than fat. If you are not doing a guided fast away from the rigures of daily life it will probably damage you quickly.

  9. Nightrider said :

    You will die; and fast…………………………

    DON’T DO IT. You not only will gain it all back – and then some – when you resume your regular routine but you will also feel lethargic and crabby.

    There are well documented cases of crash dieting going bust. It just doesn’t work.

    How do I know?…………………….
    Been there, done that.

  10. Daniel J said :

    Excess weight or obesity is by far the number one health concern in this country. Sixty percent of Americans are either overweight or obese, including over 20 percent of teenagers. All are at risk for serious physical and emotional health problems.

    Over three-quarters of obese adults, for example, suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, coronary heart disease, diabetes or osteoarthritis. Nearly 40 percent have more than one of these conditions. They are also at risk for stroke and cancer. There are over 300,000 deaths per year from weight related causes.

    Body Mass Index or BMI is a good way to determine if you are carrying too much weight. The BMI is based on your height and weight, but it gives a better estimate than the older ideal body weight tables. Click here to calculate your BMI.

    Although there are many general causes for weight problems, the most responsible self-empowering one is that you’re simply eating too many calories for the amount of energy you’re expending. To control your weight you either have to decrease your calories or increase your exercise or some combination of the two. On and off dieting will not take care of the problem. Maintaining a healthy weight is a matter of day by day conscious control of both the amount and types of foods you eat and the level of physical activity in your life.

    <--Weight Loss-->
    <-- -->

  11. john groom said :

    I agree with you that this is not a healthy way. Also it is not a permanent loss. Why then even think of it. A daily plan is not difficult to follow if you know what to do.

    This daily plan have helped me lose as much as 10lbs over 2 weeks and I hope it will for you too:

    – Start the day with some green tea and plenty of drinking water. Eat some lean protein for breakfast, and do your stress-busting yoga stretches.

    – If you are a morning person, do your cardio exercise then. Follow it up with 15 minutes of strength-training exercises, focusing on your arms.

    – Eat small meals throughout the day, staying well below your required caloric intake.

    – Drink approximately 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight.

    – Avoid sugary or salty foods.

    – In the evening, do a longer session of stretching.

    – Wind down before bed with relaxing activities like reading or taking a warm bath.

    – Sleep at least 8 hours.

    All the actual details of this daily plan such as what exercises to do, the type of food to eat or how to calculate your daily caloric intake are all spelt out in this report “Lose 14 lbs in 14 days” which you can immediately download for free:

    Give the plan a try and I am sure you will not be disappointed. I was not.


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