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How can I lose weight fast and healthy. With out spending and only ways that work!?

Well I need to lose 17 pounds I just started track and I need to lose 17 pounds not because of track but I have to lose it, my own reasons. I am not going to use any money on trainer, gym, supplements, and I will go buy food. I walk 30 min a day, track practice and I dont have soda, white sugar, white flour and NO Fast food I need to. Please and how can i keep it off best answer easily gets 10 pts!!!

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14 Responses to “How can I lose weight fast and healthy. With out spending and only ways that work!?”

  1. indieassassin said :


  2. ☆I Make Avatars☆ said :

    veggies and fruits a brisk walk.

  3. Eat Fish said :

    Find some stairs to run. And dance instead of walk.

  4. from HJ said :

    You have to consistently keep up the exercise- sounds like you are doing well there. And, eat lots of whole grains, fruits & veggies. Cutting out red meat helped me…..

  5. Crystal said :

    I lost 10 pounds within a couple of weeks by drinking only water and not eating past 6 pm. By drinking only water, I do mean drinking water instead of cokes or tea and stuff like that. I did eat real food.

    A different time I did Taebo and dropped the weight fast

    : )

  6. Ah Ha #7 said :

    Join a gym.

  7. FatBoy said :

    Green Tea helps so much,it balances your metabolism.

  8. Bren said :

    Just eat healthy and exercise………

  9. NONAME said :

    Zipper the yipper !!

  10. mystic chicklet said :

    cut down on your carbs….only have them at lunch so you can work them off during the day…exercise and lots of water….

  11. RickinAlaska said :

    There is only one way to lose weight. Burn more calories than you intake…preiod. There is no magic bullet or answer in a can…you must burn more calories than you intake.

  12. sweet7face said :

    eat healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, brown rice, lean meats, low-fat or non-fat dairy products. drink a lot of water (8 glasses or 64 ounces). you need to lift small weights and also go running. you won’t burn a lot of calories by just walking. these suggestions should help. good luck!

  13. donielle said :

    thats sounds like your off to a good start im trying to lose wait i started this week by not eating after 7 try that if you eat alot after 7

  14. Tori said :

    Increase your water – at least 64oz daily but more if you’re sweating. Fill up on whole grain fiber and veggies and fruits, cut out as much meat as possible. Use beans, nuts, eggs, etc. to get your protein. You might want to increase your walk to 60 minutes. I know you can lose 17 lbs easily in a month. Keep doing what you’re doing and make sure you don’t over eat! Eat only one normal serving size and try small frequent meals to keep your metabolism working constantly and don’t skip breakfast because you’re body is in starvation mode after not eating for 10-12 hrs!

    Good luck!


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