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I am at least 150 pounds over weight what can I do to lose weight fast?

Over the last 2 years I have gained a lot of weight due to stress, anxiety and depression. I am to the point now that I really need to get this weight off. I am not a very patient person. If I diet and the weight does not drop off I get discouraged and then I will give up. Does anyone know the best way for me to really start losing the weight?

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8 Responses to “I am at least 150 pounds over weight what can I do to lose weight fast?”

  1. Marie said :

    There is NO fast way. There are some ways that are faster than others, but no way that is super fast. I know a woman who got very serious about weight loss, and she got to a point where she was only eating boiled chicken, salad/fruit (no dressing!) , and shredded wheat cereal with skim milk every day. Then she stopped driving *anywhere* even if it meant it would take her two hours to walk there. This definitely got her skinny eventually! I don’t have other advice, but I hope something I said is useful, good luck!

  2. Myr said :

    liposuction, followed by gastro bypass

  3. Jessica said :

    Just stop eating all the crap that made you fat in the first place, I know it’s hard to resist that willpower, but that’s the only way. Maybe, just maybe you can go out and.. what’s that word I’m looking for? Exee.. Exercise? YEAH EXERCISE

  4. redfiredragon000 said :

    Start dieting, and then start exercising. if you yo-yo diet your body’s metabolism will adjust more rapidly to subsequent diets and will go into ‘starvation mode’ more quickly each time and you will stop dropping the weight.
    Aim to build muscle – the muscle tissue burns more calories even when you are at rest than fatty tissues.

    for your diet – dont focus on eating less, focus on eating healthy food. no junk food, no McDonalds, etc. fruit, salad, whole wheat bread, brown/wild rice, white meat, etc.

  5. bells said :

    firstly you need to get to the source of your weight gain why you are depressed and why you are unhappy and fix it, go to a counselor.

    start a daily diet plan for yourself and put it on your fridge or somewhere you will remember it should say what you eat for breakfast which should be largish including things like yogurt, bread, fruit and a source of protein if you have time in the morning make egg whites.

    lunch should include something like a healthy (non Caesar salad) with a couple strips of chicken.

    dinner should be something like chicken breast with whole wheat rice. and some steamed veggies.


    go out and get a really nice water bottle that you are going to keep with you all the time always be refilling it.

    get at least 20 mins of exercises a day, not just taking a walk you need to get your heart rate up, for a continues amount of time.

    also get rid of any junk food in your house!! ie chips ice cream…things that will tempt you. give them to a Friend or something. refill your fridge with all healthy food.

    im telling you right now that this is not going to be easy.. you cant just give up the second day if you haven’t lost weight.. you need to stay with it and push yourself otherwise your not going ot get anywhere.

  6. As you wish! said :

    Wow, you are in so much danger of heart disease and diabetes, among other things. Think of it this way – you can be patient and lose the weight, OR you can give up and die much more quickly than you would have in the first option. At least with the second option you won’t have to wait for very long.

    Professionals that can help you are your local doctor, a dietician/nutritionist, personal trainer. Seeing as you are very overweight, you should get professional advice so that you don’t accidentally kill yourself or something.

    Basically, you need to eat healthily, AND do daily exercise, AND reduce the amount of stress in your life.

    First of all, don’t ‘go on diet’, if you do that then you will just go back to old, bad habits after the diet and then you’ll gain the weight back. It is much more foolproof to change how you eat permanently. This doesn’t necessarily mean eating rabbit food, but it does mean learning to cook healthy foods for yourself, and then actually doing that on a daily, meal-by-meal basis. If you are the one who has cooked the meal, then you are responsible for how healthy it is. You can, of course, eat out on special occasions, but you have to have rigorous standards for both yourself and the restaurant that you’re at. It also means choosing healthy food that tastes good instead of going to McDonald’s or KFC and eating comfort food that is minimally nutritious.

    Second of all, you need to do some exercise every day that you enjoy AND does the following things: increases your heart rate so that you can feel your heart beating quickly and loudly; makes you sweat; and makes you short of breath. Of course if you do too much exercise then you will overexert yourself, which is not good for your health. So, I suggest you get yourself an MP3 player or something on which you can easily carry in your pocket to listen to music via headphones. Listen to music that makes you want to move and that has a regular, medium to fast beat. Then, either go for a walk and try to match your steps to the beat in the music (this is why the music cannot be slow, because then you will be walking too slowly). Alternatively, you can dance around your house while moving in time with the beat. If you like dancing, take a social class at your local community center. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of doing daily exercise. A few years ago, I lost 20kgs (44 pounds) just by going for a run 3 or 4 times a week. You can try running but be aware that you might over exert yourself this way, so just start with walking and see how you feel. You might want to consider investing in a personal trainer, either private or at a gym. The good ones will help you to tone and build muscle as well as lose weight (if you have more muscle, you will burn more fat). Plus they are trained to push you only so far that you don’t over exert yourself.

    Finally, assess your life so that your health, fitness and wellbeing are at the top of the list instead of whatever was stressing you out. Yes, you have to work and earn money and take care of your family etc BUT you also need to be ALIVE to do those things in the first place. There’s no point in doing what everyone else wants you to do if it is going to be detrimental to you and how you feel. At the moment, your lifestyle and physical status is hardly promoting a long and healthy life.


  7. Ms B Juss Bein' Me said :

    well, there is two ways to do this……one is the healthy way which will take a longer time of course….and the other is well maybe not as healthy, way more challenging, but it’ll work really super duper fast. i am not going to explain the healthy one because you can go any website and they will tell you how to lose weight slowly. so for me…..i have been on this “broth and grapefruit” thing. it only allows two lean meats fish, and chicken. at the store you can find a variety of low calorie, low sodium broths. the diet requires you to eat it like a soup, and you can add fresh veggies {except peas corn or any sugary vegetable} and one of the proteins if you desire. you eat this for lunch and dinner as your main meal. in between you eat grapefruit, for breakfast and snack. you can throw a diff fruit in there like an orange or something if you get fed up of grapefruit. you must drink 10 glasses of water daily especially one before your meals. this tricks your body into feeling full. take a laxative once a day for at least a week to flush out your system, and this will instantly take 5-10 pounds off do this diet and you lose about 5-9 pounds a week. you must excercise at least once a day. i go to youtube and find cool dance tutorials or “strip pole ” tutorials which are really fun, and i use them as my workout. you dont have to do that but i think its easier to excercise when its fun. after the first week of this diet i instantly dropped a from size 15 to 14. i am now well on my way to a size 11 and i’ve only been on it for about a month. some days i cheat a little…but for the most part i stick to this exact method. it is not to do for a lifetime….but if you want to drop a quick 50 pounds in 2 months….this is the way………and all your friends will go “what the heck are you doing?” cuz theyll be amazed

    p.s…….you can eat yogurt if you want. just make sure its the low fat low calorie kind like yoplait light. you can eat these with your grapefruit or by itself . i would say no more than 5 a day depending on the calories.

    as far as the “emotional” stuff your going thru…girlfriend i’ve been there! i can only tell you what helped me……i made up my mind to get it together! even those days when you just want to sulk and roll in self pity and all those emotions…you gotta force yourself to get out and do stuff. even if its just a walk or a drive or something. watch things on tv that make you laugh and hang out with people that make you laugh. laughter always helps. do some evaluating. make a checklist of what you wanna do..where you wanna be….and then start taking small steps to get those goals accomplished. reinvent yourself! go buy some nice makeups and maybe get a fresh haircut and buy some clothes that you would never buy. dye your hair another color… everyday tell yourself “this is a new me”. and one simple thing you can do immediately is just smile. smile when you don’t feel like smiling. smile in the morning. smile when you wanna cry even laugh at yourself if you have too. it might feel weird but i’mm tellin you….it changes things. and last but not least say your prayers! prayer is the minds best medication. =} hope u feel better girl

  8. iriesoaringeagle said :

    1st treat the cause of the depression but you can actualy make the treatment for weight and for depression one and the same..become active
    stop eatting meat veggatarian diets are healthier anywaty so give up meats and fatty junk foods
    walk tun or bike everywhere you go
    if you dont have anywhere to go go anywahere anyway..just get out move about
    depression made u sit still and concentrate on hopw u felt inside..get out move about you wont have tome to pity yourself you’ll only be feeling hoew yoir body feels 1st sore from lack of use but then slowly stronger and lighter

    ignore tyour scale..muscle weighs more then fat so dont judge progress by numvers on a scale but instead by how your clothes fit
    slowly increasre from walking to running (dont go overboard and become a fitness junky that works oit obsessivly once your in shape just live life normaly excersize just tp maintain or to enjoy life )

    becomming more active will make u haapier and healthier and the weight will come off


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