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what is a good amount of calories to eat per day to allow me to lose weight fast?

I have two bad knees so I need to lose a significant amount of weight before I can really get into an exercise routine.Any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated!!!

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3 Responses to “what is a good amount of calories to eat per day to allow me to lose weight fast?”

  1. Jes said :

    slimming world 🙂 lost 1st in like 3 weeks? 😀 no excersice required.

  2. Simon said :

    It’s not so much your calorie intake that matters, as whether what you’re eating is healthy.
    Women’s average intake is 1800-2000 calories. You shouldn’t suddenly drop your content, just make it a transition. Start eating more healthily and you will see your calorie intake drop – especially if you’re calorie counting. If you’re eating 4000 calories, then don’t drop to 2000. A good way to start dropping calories is to pick one meal a day, and decide to make that meal healthier, or make it smaller.

    I would suggest finding out your initial calorie content and then aim to take away a quarter of it within 3-6 months gradually:
    From 4000 calories to 3000 calories.
    From 2000 calories to 1500 calories.

    The most important thing is exercise in losing weight too. Depending on your metabolism, some people can cut calories in half and stop losing weight after a week. Some people see a dramatic difference. I guess you can’t really give a set amount of calories to eat. The recommended amount is 1800-2000, but some people need more if they exercise lots, or have particularly stressful jobs.

    Good luck on your weight loss.

  3. haleybear said :

    It depends on how much you weigh now, how tall you are, your gender and age. It could vary from 1200-1900 depending on all that.


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