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How many calories do i need to eat to lose weight fast?

Also how much do i need to exercise. I can do cardio for 2 hours straight for 5 days a week

also i’m 5’9 186lbs large frame i wear a 38D bra size will my breast shrink? I hope so!


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6 Responses to “How many calories do i need to eat to lose weight fast?”

  1. Sweetpea said :

    not sure talk to ur doctor

  2. kewl69charger said :

    sweet pea is right ,,your doctor is the only one that can schedule your caloric intake, try to count your calories as you eat tem in a regular day then cut about a third,, but get your dr.s advice first

  3. Doug W said :

    1200, 1 hour, yes.

  4. TheExile said :

    about 1800 calories. I timesed your body weight by 10.

    yes do your cardio at least 3 times a week.

    cut the fat and simple sugar intake to under 50g
    go with protein and complex cards

  5. Brokensoul898 said :

    You should eat at least 2,000 calories a day,but don’t eat anything hi in fat…exercising helps to and after you exercise make sure you eat some protien to help rebuid the muscle fibers… more muscle equals greater fat burning. Whatever you do DON”T STOP EATING… make sure you eat regular meals to keep your metabolism stedy… cardio exercises will help ALOT trust me i know and definetly eat more than 1200 like someone else told you…but yea ask you doc

  6. howie4101 said :

    Thats a very complex question actually. Let me preface this by saying i’m a pharmacy student and know a bit about this question. It’s ALWAYS a good idea to talk any new diet or exercise program over with your doctor, so i would also suggest that.

    First of all, you are doing the exercise correctly. most people are told to only do an hour of cardio each day so two hours is outstanding. My question is: what exactly do you do for exercise? If you can go for 2 hours, you should check your heart rate. Walking for 2 hours is a GREAT way to burn calories, IF you can keep your heart rate elevated the entire time. Swimming, running, and walking are great cardiovascular exercises.

    Secondly. you should watch your caloric intake. At your height i calculate your goal weight to be 145lbs. this means you should stick to a 2000 calorie diet. 15% of those calories should come from fat (1 g of fat = 9 calories. 300 calories (33g) of fat per day, preferably fats from fish or chicken.) 1000 – 1100 of those calories should come from complex carbohydrates, such as vegtables, SOME fruits, and whole grain breads. 4cal per g. should be about 275g of carbohydrates per day. and protein should be 30-35% (700-800calories/day or 175-200g/day ) of your diet.

    Chicken and fish are great sources of protien, with not a lot of fat. Eat a lot of vegtables that are uncooked if you can manage it, especially green vegtables. Try to avoid any food with the additive (high fructose corn syrup). Processed foods usually aren’t a good idea.

    Your goal here should be to really box watch. Also, take a multivitamin while doing this. Any pharmacist can recommend a good multivitamin to you.

    Drink plenty of water (provided the fact you don’t have any kidney problems).

    Your goal should be to lose 2lb per week. Now while i realize water weight fluctuates, thats just a standard rule of thumb. Too much weight loss all at once is a bad idea. Crash diets are also a bad idea.

    Also, as you lose weight, your breasts may shrink some, but it doesn’t sound like you are too unhappy about that, just be forwarned it can happen.

    I know this is a lot of information, and I really hope it helps. Again, its probably wise to see your doctor before changing eating habits drastically. I realize for most people this diet is extremely difficult, because it involves serious life changes.

    Good luck to you. I hope this helps.


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