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Can you lose weight by just cutting back on calories?

For the past 2 weeks, I have cut my caloric intake to 1200-1500 calories and I’ve been running each day. Since Monday, I haven’t been able to go out running do to the weather. Will I still lose weight by keeping my calories the same but Not running?

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9 Responses to “Can you lose weight by just cutting back on calories?”

  1. hello said :

    Yes you will but you also need to work out to maintain it. Once you stop your diet you will gain it back. I suggest not eating before bed time.

  2. JMO said :

    u need to lower ur calorie intake by like 500 inorder for that to work b/c ur body will loose more compared to what it use too before u lowered intake

  3. zcewaunt said :

    You have to burn more calories than you take in.

  4. ~LoVe*LiFE~ said :

    Yes 🙂 But as soon as the weather gets better, start running outside again. Is there a near-by gym that you could go to while the weather is bad? Hope I helped!!

  5. Sandy S said :

    technically you will, but it’ll take a lot longer.
    even just stretching at home will boost your metabolism- try getting a pilates or yoga video.
    this one is fun and makes u feel hot 😛

  6. Amira ♥ said :

    yes you can but its better to cut down on carbs and to watch what your drinking

  7. Erin M said :

    depending on your body composition ( height, weight and fat percentage) your body will naturally burn an average of 2000 calories just keeping you alive. You would burn that much just laying in bed. So if you are already reducing your caloric intake you won’t gain and will most likely still loose weight.

    It’s also good to not do the same work out or take a day off because your body becomes accustomed too the work out and adjust so you aren’t getting any fitter. It can be a nice metabolism boost to not work out for a day then work extra the next.

    You should also change your work out routine every 3-5 weeks so that you don’t plateau ( stop progressing and loosing weight )

    Try swimming indoors or jumping jacks for cardio ( both you can do in cold weather)

  8. Regina C said :

    yes. also you can go and up and down the stairs at home about 10 to 15 times and run in place. if you do not want to run in the cold.

  9. fevb said :

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