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What are some fast ways to lose weight off of your thighs?

Im starting school in august and i need to lose weight because i am gonna try out for the volleyball team and i don’t want to feel uncomfortable about my body. I have been eating fruits and excersing a little. But im wanting to lose weight fast. Any advice? Thanks 🙂

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6 Responses to “What are some fast ways to lose weight off of your thighs?”

  1. Nicole said:

    biking! and stationary bikes are usually easy to find and cheap if they are used.

  2. Nameg said:

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  3. Joshua said:

    I lost 47 lbs with my hectic life and these (FREE) products
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  4. Robert said:

    I have a couple of water bottles next to the couch.. each time I sit on the couch I pick them up and lift them up and down.
    It is boring and it seems useless to do but if you get used to do it,., after just 20 minutes you will start sweating and your arm will get tired.
    Just change arm and carry on, eventually it will become automatic and you might even want to progress to some dumbells, maybe a little bit heavier than the water bottle.

  5. erwin b said:

    Why not just do some walking every day, giving up on all drinks but water
    and sticking to vegetables, salad and some fruits?
    Also eat raw stuff like celery, cucumbers, carrots etc. it is as simple as this.
    For an easy diet that’s easy to follow you might want to see:

  6. Evliiy said:

    1.Hire a substitute teacher. Don’t reach for the brands you know and love immediately – or without thinking first. Eggs are “good” for you, but consider using egg substitutes instead (in fact, many restaurants will let you order lower calorie foods). There are countless “lower” alternatives for you to try. If something different doesn’t taste good, by all means – find a better substitute, or eat less of the original. In some cases, the substitute may be worse for you than the regular version of the product. The good news is, healthier choices are silently replacing their “normal” counterparts – and they taste just as nice.


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