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whats the best diet to lose weight in 2 weeks, I want to lose about 7lbs is this possible?

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14 Responses to “whats the best diet to lose weight in 2 weeks, I want to lose about 7lbs is this possible?”

  1. Parker L said :

    Unless you’re taking clenbuterol, which is illegal, it is impossible to lose 7 pounds in 2 weeks!
    Maybe 4 weeks if you have good discipline!
    Good luck! 🙂

  2. ms-kj said :

    Try fit for life diet. 🙂
    Search google for more information.

  3. aarti k said :

    why not try kellogs womens special . it has worked for me even for u it would work

  4. MisaMisa said :

    Yes it is. Depending on what you weigh now at least.

    Cut down on eating a bit (1/2 or 3/4 portions) , excercise a bit more than usual. It’s possible.

  5. Ellesar said :

    Unless you are obese that amount of weight loss is neither possible or desireable. If you are 10 -20lbs overweight you MIGHT lose 5lbs if you eat very little. Not recommended though

  6. muymuy said :

    i use this chinese diet pills called lightsome.. so effective, i lost 7 lbs in 4 days and 15 lbs in a month.. it has side effects though.. like palpitations and insomnia.. it makes you lose appetite so try to eat still even if you dont feel like eat. i still recommend the natural way but if you really have to.. well, a mam’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.. gudluck!

  7. Alan M said :

    You could try reset diet. My last girlfriend tried it. There’s a dvd to watch about it. There’s shakes to drink and you have to eat a fruit. The problem with it is it’s expensive and you’re pretty much starving. You have no energy to do it. You could also try nutrisystem as food gets delivered to you. You’ll lose weight if you do a temporary diet but you’ll have to work out too and watch what you’re eating so you don’t gain the 7Ibs back.

  8. Emmanuel M said :

    The best diet to lose weight is eating one meal a day and only salad

  9. BettyVanDerBelterSaar said :

    Drink loads of water, keep carbs to a minimum and eat plenty of fish, lean meat, salad and veg!

  10. E S said :

    as food consumtion is the cause of weight gain ,stop eating for a while

  11. ALISTER R said :

    My wife has 3 meals a day, cereal for breakfast, sandwich with loads of salad for lunch, and for dinner she has a healthy meal of maybe pasta, roast beef, chicken etc, but always with lots of veg. If she’s hungry later on she will have fruit. She is at weightwatchers and has lost 15lbs in 6 weeks, mostly i would say due to the amount of salads and veg she is eating. She tried the diet before, minus all the veg and stuff and she wasnt getting the results she is getting now. So it proves really that healthy eating works best.

  12. Sam said :

    I suggest that you try your best, but don’t stave urself. I can’t tell you if this possible becasue it depends on your body. What will help you is drinking LOTS and LOTS of water. Start your day with a big bottle of water and also take three shares of Calcium everyday (milk, cheese, youghrt etc) it boosts your metabolism. Excersice for atleast one our daily. Walking and jogging works for me, but u do whatever u like (swimming, aerobis) whatever … but ur body should be used to it. Sleep well. Eat well and drink well and hopefully you will do well! Good luck !!!

  13. mary344949 said :

    Healthy eating and exercise

  14. Melx said :

    hey have u tried slimming world its really easy to follow and it works i lost 7lb in the first week i have been there 5 week now and lost over a stone the best thing is there are so many free foods so u wont ever starve good luck


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