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whats the best diet to lose weight and easy to stick with?

I am seventeen years old and i want to lose about 30lbs. I’ve done several diets, one i came up with myself and maintained doing it for a year, lost weight, but moved to a new household with lots of junkfood and just slowly gained it all back. whats diet is effective and easy to maintain?

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7 Responses to “whats the best diet to lose weight and easy to stick with?”

  1. *~chloe~* said :

    well its a pretty crazy diet, and you probably haven’t heard of it…
    but its called,

    eating a healthy balanced diet
    exercising every day

    I know! Its out there, but it actually works.

  2. Morpheus said :

    Well – the best I’ve ever found is the Atkins – but you do have to stay on it. You can’t be going on and off it, or it probably won’t work very well. However it does give you good food to eat so you’re not hungry all the time. Atkins is essentially eating like a cave man – meat, eggs, fish, nuts and green leafy vegetables. Obviously no junk food. People lose weight really good on it.

    You can get a used copy of Atkins “New Diet Revolution” off of Amazon – for cheap.

  3. Watching it all fall!!!! said :

    When you get off the diet you go back to your old life style and regain weight. The best advice is to change your over all lifestyle.

    When you consume(as in eat) more calories than your body can burn in a day you gain weight so the logical thing to do is burn more calories than you consume. – All diets work on this one principle.

    The restirct overall caloric intake(eating fewer calories) or they try to mask it with points(aka weight watchers). But the fundamental thing here is lowering caloric intake(eating) or expending(burning) calories to create a “caloirc deficit”.

  4. ♥Three Tears♥ said :

    This is my diet

    For Breakfast I eat: quaker high fiber oatmeal (160 cal and 3 fat), and 2 pieces of toast (the toast is high in fiber also and is 80 cal and 1 g fat)

    For Lunch I eat: a frozen diet meal (smart ones, healthy choice or Lean cuisine which ever is on sale at the time, I can usually get them for 1.50-2 dollars so it really isn’t that expensive)

    For Dinner I eat: a frozen diet meal

    For Snacks: I have 3 snacks a day all are no fat 60-100cal yogurts.

    Some tips:
    Sometimes I include up to 150 cal of extra food that has 2 or less grams of fat in it at my lunch and dinner, so you could include something like a baked potato(with no butter or sour cream) or a serving of corn. I also eat fiber one cottage cheese at meals sometimes

    Fiber is great for weight loss, it helps with digestion

    Yogurt is also suppose to help with weight loss especially around the abdomen

    I exercise 30 mins.-1 hour a day. I either walk, run or do a stair stepper machine

    The diet dinners are high in sodium, but if your like me you were eating way worse before you started eating them so I just drink water to help with that

    This would be about a 1400 calorie meal plan

    Good Luck, I hope it helps =)

  5. Racergirl said :

    EXERCISE girlfriend. You keep that body of yours in shape by exercising. Don’t matter WHAT kind of workout. What do you REALLY like to do? Ride a bike? Jog? Climb a mountain? Dance? Jump on a trampoline? Take some energy pills of some kind that has GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practices) on the label and nothing artificial in it.

    Your body is still growing and plenty flexible for you to lose fat fast. Remember, it’s the kind of food you put into your body that makes you FAT unless you EXERCISE it off.

    Also, you should update yourself on some ingredients too. Some stuff, like saturated fat won’t come off easily so to avoid having issues like that, get more educated on what is IN some of that yummy food that you like to treat yourself on so you’re in the know. 😉

    There IS no “diet” to really do. You simply just eat good most of the time and treat yourself to anything you want when ever you want it, just don’t over do it. You HAVE to exercise, that is the KEY to the secret. You’ll see, just keep up those workouts and they don’t have to be every day either. At least three to four times a week and you’ll be good. Make it fun for yourself too. 🙂

  6. LRunlimited said :

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  7. Michael said :

    Hey 🙂

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