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How much weight would I lose on the cereal diet?

How much weight do you think I could lose if i ate just one bowl of cereal a day until christmas?

I KNOW its bad for me… But my mum has bought me vitaminss from the health shop 🙂

Also which exercises would you recommend for toning my arms?


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8 Responses to “How much weight would I lose on the cereal diet?”

  1. Lydia said :

    A couple of pounds maybe, but your metabolism would slow down very quickly so you wouldn’t lose much and would gain it back, plus more, as soon as you stopped.

  2. Well i Never! said :

    well if you know its bad for you why are you doing it! sensible eating and exercise is the ONLY way to lose weight and keep it off!! silly silly girl

  3. Alicja said :

    Well eating only one bowl of cereal a day would mean your intake is only between 200-600 calories, depending on what the cereal is. Only eating this many calories each day, you are restricting your body of the fuel (food) that it needs to function! After a few days, your metabolism will begin to slow right down until it grinds to a complete halt and will not continue to burn off any fat. When the body is not getting enough calories, it puts itself into a kind of “survival mode” and stores all of the calories that you put into your body, meaning your weight won’t go down much and as soon as you start eating again, the weight you lost, (which is just water weight) will come back very quickly and so it’s not a successful way to lose weight.
    HOWEVER, i will still answer your actual question, and that is that you will probably lose 1-2lbs per day of “restricting/fasting”.

  4. xzane86 said :

    that’s just stupid

    losing weight is not about eating less, its about eating healthy and exercising.

    weight is lost through exercise because the body burns off the excess fat.

    and eating healthy gives the body the energy to exercise and reduces the body storing engery as excess fat.

    if you do that cereal diet you will not have the engery to burn off the excess fat you have through

    even if you do starve your self and get more thin you will just put the weight back on, this is why many detox diets fail

    and for toning the arms you do low weights with many reps with barbels or gym equipment, and remember that fat does not turn in to muscle and that muscle weighs more that fat, so if you weigh more when doing muscle exercise that’s fine, what you got to be worried about is your waist line size

  5. ray_diator said :

    If you know it is bad for you then why are trying to self-harm?

    Go on a balance-controlled diet if you must but leave the fad diets out.

  6. Flizbap said :

    You wouldn’t lose all that much, and since it is a temporary diet the results would be temporary as well. And since you would have completely crashed your metabolism, you probably gain a lot more back.

  7. Alexis C said :

    None – you would lose vital nutrients and fluids and become ill – what you would effectively be doing is starving yourself. It’s simple, for all you girls out there, just eat a healthy, balanced diet, cut down on sugar (biscuits, cakes, choc etc) and get at least 30 mins daily exercise, even walking is great. It’s all about balance, nothing extreme.

  8. Shilo said :


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