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Will this diet help me lose weight?

If I only eat ice cubes all day and no other food will I lose weight and how much?

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7 Responses to “Will this diet help me lose weight?”

  1. Jessica said :

    Not only is that stupid it’s dangerous to your health. You need food to live. I suggest just cutting back on what you eat, watching your calories and exercising daily. Do those things and you will lose weight.

  2. Neil said :

    1. ice cubes aren’t food, it will just melt and then you’ll pee it out
    2. the best way to loose weight (for me personally) was to try and eat as little carbs as possible such as potatoes, bread, pasta etc…but do excerise

    don’t push yourself too hard on the excercise…eat a lot of fruit, vegatables and white meat such as chicken and fish…combined with the exercise you should start to loose weight

  3. David said :

    why ice cubes? this is not a good idea. no nutrients in ice cubes. they cause stress fractures in your teeth.

  4. keep thinking said :


  5. silv said :

    No it will help you to get sick. It is the like saying. Will having sex all day help me to lose weight? It will but you have to drink and eat as well. Check out in case you’ll choose the second example i given you. Good luck!

  6. magpie67 said :

    stop eating crap and exercise !!!! not being rude but its the only way . a friend of mine joined weight watchers in the uk and they operate a points systen and its worked wonders for her
    Good luck

  7. sandra said :

    never dare to try it… ur haemoglobin level may fall down and u will be prone to diseases..
    (1) its better to cut down fat foods… instead u can have more vegetables and fruits.. just try to avoid fried foods, sweets, icecreams, red meat, egg etc., at least for a month!
    (2) secondly, u’ve to drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday.. water washes away unwanted fats and toxins from ur body
    (3)lastly, u shud hav proper exercises… just walk for an hour daily..
    if u follow these 3 magic formula, u will feel great


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