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How can I help this nice girl lose weight (seriously)?

OK. This is going to be a serious question, so please don’t bring up any rude answers. I am a healthy 18 year old boy and this nice 16 year old girl who I go to school with has asked me to help her loose weight and keep it off.

I said I would teach her the tricks to losing lots of weight as quickly and realistically as possible. I need some in-depth answers really badly from a trusted member. She also wants me to tell her how she can keep the weight off.

I may even go to her house to help her next Monday and I am currently corresponding at her by e-mail. Should I tell her to make a more drastic change or is gradual change adequate enough.

Thank you.

I can admit that I might have said too much than what I should have said.

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5 Responses to “How can I help this nice girl lose weight (seriously)?”

  1. shutuppauface said :

    Are you a nutritionist, a dietician or a personal trainer? Then don’t volunteer information you don’t have or solicit it from people who are just guessing.
    Go with her to the school nurse and ask for a diet to follow, and walk with her for an hour a day.

  2. Michael W said :

    Well, it depends on how how committed she is. I know I went to the doctor’s office one time when I was overweight and they told me I weighed 250 and I was astonished so I pretty much made a complete turn around that day and started exercising and eating right. Not everyone has that kind of willpower and I know that sounds cocky but it’s true. It is hard for some people. I’ve dieted before and it was hard for me. Just tell her the facts. Eat less food but more healthy foods. Get in her cardio everyday and stick to it. Depending on how overweight she is, she can start to lose weight fast. I know when I weight close to 250, on good weeks I would lose 4lbs.

    As for keeping the weight off, there’s no magic solution. She still has to eat healthy foods. Granted she can eat more food if she wants to stay at the same weight instead of lose anymore but it still has to be healthy foods and it never hurt to get in a little bit of exercise while trying to keep weight off. It’ll just keep you looking your best.

    You’re doing a great thing to help someone younger than you who has weight issues. Hope it all works out and this helps!


  3. Charlie said :

    Eating a substantial breakfast can help a lot. Tell her to try some high fiber cereals or some plain oatmeal (a little honey or skim milk can jazz it up) Also, swapping sugarydrinks for milk and water make a big improvement. If she likes tea, then I rrecommendgoing to a place such as Teavana (or any other store that has loose leaf tea, because it has more nutrients and anti-oxidants than bagged tea) and looking into some oolong tea, because its a healthy (and yummy!) way to cleanse your body and jjump startyour diet.
    Small steps really do make a big difference!

  4. Strickly said :

    I think your the second person i had to say this to but losing weight is easy when it come’s down to these 4 thing.

    .Food you eat.
    .Protein shake – Helps you lose weight fast take 3 times a day. and it doesn’t cost that .much.
    .motivation make sure you keep at it take a day break it you have to also go jogging 2 times a day morning and going in to the night time around 7-8 .That’s what i did and it works.

    Hope that helps by the way :).

  5. Mary Mary said :

    if u want one great tip it would be to switch all her drinks with hot brewed green tea (no sugar added) i lost 10 pounds in 2 months just from that

    the rest is simple low calorie diet (just eat the same # of calories as her bmr #) and exercise a lot


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