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I need help. I am 165 pounds and I am only 13. I am 5ft something but I need to lose wait fast. I will do anything at this point besides bodily harm please I need to lose this weight.

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  1. CanadianBakin said :

    Jogging is a great way to burn fat, as long as you stick to a routine

  2. Janice said :

    Losing weight too quickly isn’t good for you, especially at your age. You want to take it nice and steady so you don’t end up with any stretch marks or anything. Try incorporating a healthy diet. I also read that Bikram yoga will help you lose weight and tone your muscles. You could try that. Or you could opt with going to the gym or jogging. Any physical activity basically. Just don’t over do it and get injured.

  3. Janet said :

    First, you wanna lose weight on your upper body; crunches, arm stuff, *you don’t wanna stress you knees and legs at a heavier weight*- don’t forget to eat healthy, restrict crap food. After you lose much of the weight on top, go running, and if you live in a ghetto neighborhood, head for the gym treadmill, and elliptical instead.
    If you don’t live in a crack town, then run outside on pathways and alongside roads for a distance~ C:
    Then go a join a cross country team.

  4. Summer said :

    Okay, If you are serious about doing this, then try my method. It worked greatly for me and Me and you are kinda comparable. I was in the same situation. But to do this you have to be very determined and you have to be able to stick to it because trust me, if you like to eat, this will be a huge challenge!
    All you have to do is eat 1 large carrot every 2 hours, 6 times a day, for 2 weeks {or as soon as you get the weight you want to be at} but you cannot eat anything else!!! And the only thing you can drink is water, and try to drink around a gallon a day. And with the help of some exercise you should be loosing weight in no time!!! Once you get to the weight you want begin to eat more HEALTHY foods. Say, for lunch a salad {no dressing} or for dinner A small well cooked steak {no fat, no sauce} and some steamed vegetables are good. And continue to make your own healthy recipes including vegetables, fruits, and stuff like that!
    {By the way, if you do not like carrots, try some other kind of vegetable like a cucumber or something along the lines of that}
    {P.S. Hunger pains may begin to set in but that’s okay just ignore them}
    {And, no one give me crap that this isn’t healthy, I did it and I’m just fine!}
    Hope this works for you!!!(:

  5. Felann said :

    Drink water before u eat and eat very small amounts. Do lots of exercise like running, this burns up cals.

  6. Nai said :

    Change your diet; (DO NOT just rely on dieting though) try eating less, monitor your calories. My body conditioning teacher would remind us every day that 2000 calories=1 pound, which means you have to burn off/not consume that many calories for every pound you want to lose. What you really need is exercise, and it has to be consistent; go running or biking, try to walk whenever possible rather than relying on seated forms of transportation (besides biking). Also you have to remember not to starve yourself. Eat less but not too little because if you don’t get enough calories each day your body will think that its in danger and hold on to fat more stubbornly.

  7. Frenchonion said :

    Stop eating when you are full
    Eat less more often
    eat more fruit
    excersize alot more
    be motivated!

  8. Emilie *Frenchy* said :

    You need to find the right diet.

    Basically a diet that consists of all the vitamins you need for your body, considering your still growing.

    What you need to do is cut out all of the soda, candy, and junk food.
    For example [Soda, Potato chips, any kind of hard candy]. Those are really bad for you and they usually turn into fat easily.

    Eat natural stuff, like fruits and vegetables. A salad a day is very good for you, and it’s recommended.

    Then you need to find the right exercises to do. What you need to do is walk everyday, for 20 minutes. Then stretch. That is just to start off with.

    Then you raise the time to 35 minutes, stretch, so on..

    Any kind of outdoor activity will help you lose that weight in no time! You just have to stick to it and be determined to lose it, otherwise, you won’t lose it.

  9. nunya said :

    How much weight are we talking? because people are right when they say that too much weight too fast is harmful.

    but you’re going to need to cut back on your eating. try calculating your calories everyday to about 1100 and exercise. A LOT. you can probably lose up to 5 lbs a week just by doing so.

  10. Meena said :

    at your age, I would recommend that you not only look into losing weight, but also being healthy. firstly and importantly you want to make sure you set your focus to living healty because if you decide that you want to lose weight fast, who knows when you’ll gain it back again. by eating healthy, and working out according to some of the suggestions above, you will have long term benefits rather than short term

  11. Qixi Bing said :

    Don’t overdo it. If you change something in your lifestyle, you’re probably going to see results – but there’s a law of diminishing returns at play. You can exercise for an extra hour a day for a week and still lose the same amount as you had when you were only exercising half as much. Give your body time to adjust – don’t push yourself too hard or you’re just going to spend your energy on something that’s not necessarily going to give you immediate and direct benefit. This, of course, only applies to those of you wanting to lose fat – not for those who are training for a triathlon.


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